D&D 5E New Monster - The Silver Baba

I am building a parody of the Seven Sisters for my world, but using a lower cr guage.

I'm using this as a rough model.

I am open to any and all feedback.

Silver Baba

You see an old woman dressed in black garb with metallic silver symbols giving her a shiny appearance.

Knowledge. Arcane, History (Common DC 20, Unusual DC 22, Secret DC 24)
Spokeman of the Baba’s. The Silver Baba is the spokesperson of her order. She is the guardian of the Great Pysanka of Vegreville and tends this place of power. She is a master of Divination magic.

Icon of humility. The Silver Baba had a hard live before her ascension and as a result, does not like the arrogant, and bullies. While she may not change her tone, she will start setting things in motion to make their lives miserable.

Giver of Favors(Secret). If the secret knowledge check is made, you can call of the Silver Baba to come in and help you on your behalf for 1 round before she leaves. It cannot be for anything against her ethics, but her word is her bond.

Silver Baba

Medium Humanoid, neutral good
Armor Class 12 (15 with mage armor)
Hit Points 99 (18d8+18)
Speed 30 ft.

11 (+0) 16 (+3) 13 (+1) 18 (+4) 17 (+3) 17 (+3)
Saving Throws: Int +9, Wis +6
Skills: Arcana +12, Deception +11, History +12, Insight +11, Persuasion +11
Damage Immunities:
damage from spells; non Magical bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing (from stoneskin)
Senses: Darkvision 60 ft., passive Perception 12
Languages: Chinese, Draconic, Dwarvern, Elven, French, Trade Tongue, Ukrainian,

Challenge: 12 (8,400 XP) Prof. +4
Foreshadow. Roll 1d20 before combat begins and record the results. The Silver Baba can use this roll to replace any attack roll, saving throw, or an ability check during the combat. This recharges when the Silver Baba casts a 1st level spell.

Magic Resistance. The Silver Baba has advantage on Saving throws against spells and other magical effects.

Sparkling Silver. The Silver Baba’s attire refract light In iridescent cascades that are hypnotic to gaze Upon. If the Silver Baba is in bright light, a creature within 30 feet that looks at it must make a successful DC 17 Wisdom saving throw or be stunned until the
end of its next turn. Unless surprised, a creature can avoid the saving throw by choosing to avert its eyes at the start of its turn. A creature that averts its eyes can’t see the Silver Baba until the start of its next turn, when it can choose to avert its eyes again. If
the creature looks at the Silver Baba in the meantime, it must immediately make the saving throw.

Spellcasting. The Silver Baba is an 18th-level spellcaster. Its spellcasting ability is Intelligence (spell save DC 16, +8 to hit with spell attacks) and has the following wizard spells prepared:

Cantrips (at will): fire bolt, guidance, light, mage hand, prestidigitation
1st level (4 slots): detect magic, hunter’s mark, mage Armor*,'magic missile
2nd level (3 slots): detect thoughts, mirror image, misty step
3rd level (3 slots): fly, object reading, lightning bolt
4th level (3 slots): fire shield, prophecy, stoneskin*'~
5th level (3 slots): commune with nature, cone of cold, wall of force
6th level (1 slot): allied retreat
7th level (l slot): simulacrum
8th level (l slot): animal shapes
9th level (l slot): foresight.

*The Silver Baba casts these spells on itself before combat.

Dagger. Melee or Ranged Weapon Attack: +6 to hit, reach 5 ft. or range 20/60 ft., one target. Hit: 4 (ld4 + 2) piercing damage.

Precog Defenses: The Silver Baba adds 5 to its AC against one melee attack that would hit her.

Legendary Actions
The Silver Baba can take 1 legendary action, choosing from the options below. Only one legendary action can be used at a time and only at the end of another creature's turn. The Silver Baba regains spent legendary actions at the start of its turn.

Planned Action. combines a casting of spell with a move up to 20 feet as if using a withdraw action, and is not subject to attacks of opportunity.

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Perhaps the Foresight might be permanent? Would she really have Simulacrum memorised for an encounter? And I'm not seeing any great escape spells.

Should the recharge for Foreshadow be 'casts a spell of 1st level or higher'?

ooh will treak foresight.

One second thought, I don't think it needs a recharge namely because it is random and circumstancial as it is.

What is a great way to escape using divination magic?

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