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D&D 5E New MtG Tarkir Set in 2025, possible Tarkir D&D book?

WotC doesn't want sourcebooks about crunch to be too limited to any setting, and in internet age sourcebooks focused into lore of known and relatively old IPs aren't so easy to be sold by fault of the fandom wikis. But Monster Compediums aren't a so bad options, because those creatures could be adapted to any homebred setting.

My theory is when Bloomburrow was created then there weren't yet plans to add Humblewood to D&DB. I wonder if creatures from Blbw could become new PC species.

I wonder if that future space-opera setting will recover PC species from d20Future(Star Frontiers + Alternity).

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Dragon Lover
I'd definitely love more MtG setting books, or at least a big book of MtG monsters and magic items and possibly other player options as there are so many neat ideas you could pull from across Magic's long history and material.

Do you mean anything like Moderkainen's Monster of the Universe with creatures and PC species from the planes of Magic: The Gathering? I wouldn't rule out that possibility.

Any time have you thought about a new class with a special game mechanic where the player had to use collectable cards as encounter-powers or single-use magic item? Something close to incarnum soulmelders but using different colors of mana.


I don't want any more mtg setting in D&D.
Yeah, after the disappointment that was Strixhaven, I sort of lost my desire to pick up any more MtG setting books. Though I'd love a fantastical Norse or Egyptian campaign, I don't think I want a MtG version of it - I'd rather one that was designed from the ground up for D&D, not 5-color mana magic (it just doesn't port well in my opinion).


I would have disagreed with you on this pre March of the Machine, but after they ruined Theros I'm in 100% agreement with you. I don't want them to do MtG settings only for the MtG team to then go and wreck them a few of years later.
If set before march of the machine it should be fine. Even ravnica was set at a time earlier than the, then latest, set.


This seems like such a strange take to me.

Just don't buy it. Why intimate that it shouldn't exist?
I don't want the D&D team to waste time with such manuals. I want the D&D settings, not the settings from another game (moreover a game where you have to pay for win).

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