New Palladium/Rifts/Phaseworld PBP Site. Seeking Players and GMs

Fellow Players:
The Players Keep is hosted on The Players Keep - Index page.
It is community of over 60 people that play Rifts and other Palladium settings on the internet.
Our rifts setting is based out of Merctown, but player groups (seven of them) and their respective GMs have campaigns all over Rifts Earth.
We also have four games in Phaseworld.
Currently we also have a popular HU2 setting, a growing Palladium Fantasy group as well as Dead Reign, Nightbane, After the Bomb and Beyond the Supernatural as well.
Last but not least, we are recruiting players who want to play Battletech (our first non palladium setting).
Players of all experience levels are welcomed. We only ask that you are kind to other players and gms and welcome positive criticism. Expected Post Rate is once a week. The site is phpbb driven with custom dice rollers that can embed rolls into each post.
Feel free to stop by. I hope you enjoy your stay.

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