D&D (2024) New playtest fighter and warlock


New playtest.

We have 4 players and a DM who are going to run a single adventure that is planned for 2-4 nights. We are doing character creation/session 0 virtual so we can get right in.

I am one of the players and have 0 idea what the adventure will be

Other three players 1 is newish for use he has only been playing about 3 or 4 years.

Other two are old school 2e,3e,4e and now 5e players including my best friend that started with me in early 90s

We have 2 fighters. 1 maybe multi classed one is straight fighter so she can try Weapon Adept (that is why we are starting so high).

She has years of 2e and 4e fighters and warlords under her belt and mostly did Bo9S for 3e by end but sometimes knight or marshal. In 5e she has mostly been caster gish.

Between her me and the DM we have had 10+ warlocks. So I am going to try a multi warlock (tome feind) 6 wizard 7

I will post my build in a bit and more info as it comes

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I am going wizard 7 so I have so I can modify spell but not create (I want the cantrip upgrade for book of shadows so I need at least 5 warlock and as a half caster I figure 6 adds 3)

I have 10 caster levels so I can cast 4/3/3/3/2
I can prep 11 wizard up to 4th and 6 warlock up to 2nd level
I have 4 wizard cantrips
I have 3 warlock cantrips* and book of shadows.
I have 3 invocations
I have 3 feats

* I may start another thread to ask this… can I take other pact cantrips as warlock cantrips?


My best buddy is ahead of me she has already rolled stats and picked some stuff and requested an item… and she is the reason to be starting such a high level so I am calling her a high maintenance player now.

13th level fighter. Has 4 feats 3 attacks. Weapon expert/adept action surge second wind/4 and indomitable (+13) over all she is a beast.
She has a magic +1 flaming longsword that as a bonus action can change into a shield a net or any weapon BUT when it changes from a longsword it loses its flaming properties

The flaming bit just adds 1d4 fire to one hit per target per round though. (And RP can start fires and act as a powerful tourch)

I know she is planing on having it as a longsword and equipping a non magic light off hand weapon as default and is going Str/Wis/Con for stat order. I know she said she has an 18 Str but I’m not sure yet if she rolled an 18 or got it from background and level up. If it is rolled that might be a 20 by then.


Other warlock is a bard/pact of blade warlock and I don’t yet know level break down
Other fighter is a gunslinger fighter rogue.


Okay Tiana the Sword Sage does only have an 18 after all adjustments.

Infernal teifling she has Thaumaturgy fire bolt hellish rebuke and darkness so she isn’t completely left out of spell casting and she picked the Noble background upping her Cha and Int.
She has skilled (3 Skills) toughness (26hp) Durable, lucky and Inspiring leader.

Her stats are 18 Str. 11 Dex. 15 Con. 10 Int. 15 Wis. 13 Cha
She has 2 fighting styles (defense, & two weapon fighting)

She can have 5 masteries per long rest and can mix them in weapons and even double up on them.

She has 161hp and an AC of 19

She is prof in Str and Con saves

Skills: Athletics Deception History Insight Persuasion Perception and on a long rest can train in one more.

She has prof in playing cards.

Her attack is +10/+10/+10 with default 1d10+5 with one hit adding 1d4 fire and a crit range 18+. (Can down grade to d8 damage to push 10ft)

Off hand attack is short sword +9 1d6+4. If she hits she gains advantage on next attack (can swap that to damage in a miss)
She can change her long sword to a +1 shield and gain an AC of 22 but then she attacks with go to 3 attacks +9 1d6+4
Her 5 master longsword. Shortsword glave light hammer and dagger

Longsword flex push
Shortsword vex nick
Glaive graze topple
Light hammer slow vex
Dagger. Nick sap.

Since she can switch her longsword into the Glaive she doesn’t have one but she has 4 “throwing knife” daggers and 3 “throwing hammers” light hammers and a short sword.
The Glave is the one I wonder about more than the sword. I don’t know if she will actually use it but prone or damage on a miss sounds awesome

Edit: she is in full plate with what she calls a half helm so you can see her face and hair.
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My warlock took longer than Becky’s fighter but I think I finished up other then mundane equipment this morning.

Crag of the Cursed Eye
Half orc half halfling

I am shortish (4”5 small) but built like a truck I have the hafling traits but I look like a short half orc.

I asked for a magic orb that acts like a lesser eye of Vecna that replaces my eye with an undead purple one (and the socket is scared from taking old one out) that is +1 to hit and damage with spell attack rolls and save DC

Grand total I want to look like a little formorian

Warlock 6 Wizard 7 Acolyte

14 Str 16 Dex 15 Con 19 Int 15 Wis 11 Cha

Ac 16 (breast plate) HP 83
Pro: Wis and Cha saves Arcana* History Insight Religion

Keen Mind Magic Initiate (primal) and Magic Initiate (divine)

+10 spell attack DC 18 save DC based on Int Cantrips deal +4 damage from book of shadows.

Cantrips: Book of Shadows*, Chill touch, Druid Craft, Eldritch Blast, Guidance, Mage Hand, Message, Minor Illusion, Poison spray, Prestidigitation, Spare the Dying, Thaumaturgy, Vicious Mockery

*Defualt book of shadows: Sacred Flame and Mending

(Yes I have 13 counting book of shadows and if you don’t count it but the two it gives me that’s 14)

Spells in spell book: (1st) Comprehend Language, Detect Magic, False Life, Feather Fall, Find Familiar, Identify, Magic Missile, Scribe Spell, and Shield
(2nd) Cloud of Daggers, continual flame, Detect Thoughts, Flaming Sphere, Invisibility, and Knock
(3rd) Fireball, Gaseous Form, Leo Tiny Hut, Remove Curse
(4th) Dimension Door, Evards black Ten

Scribe spell Memorize spell, Modify spell+ 11 preped (Feather Fall, Magic Missile, Shield, Cloud of Daggers, Detect Thoughts, Invisibility, Fireball, Gas form, Remove curse, Dimension Door, Evards ten)

Warlock spells Hex, Burning Hands, Command, Scorching Ray, Suggestion +6 (prot good /evil, Tasha Laugh, Witch bolt, Crown of Madness, Hold Person, Mist Step)

Bonus spells from feats: Cure Wound, Entangle

Invocations: beast speech (speak with animals at will) Mystic Arcunum 4th (polymorph) Devils sight (120ft dark vision works on magic darkness)

Total 27 spells preped 1 warlock spell and 1 each for the feat ones don’t cost slots 1 time. Mystic arcanum and at will speak with animals.

Dark one’s own luck 4/ day Dark ones blessing (10 temphp) Academic (adv on study action) Arcane recovery (3levels) Sculpt spell and Potent Cantrip (half damage on miss or made save)

Chill Touch +10 3d8+4 necrotic (half in miss)
Eldritch Blast +10/+10 1d10+4 force each (Half in miss)
Poison Spray 10ft con save 18 half. 3d12+4 poison
Sacred Flame 60ft Dex save 18 half 3d8+4
Vis Moch. 60ft Wis save 18 half 3d4+4 psychic

Not sure if you've already asked, but I had a read and the warlock needs to choose cantrips from the arcane list, so warlock pact cantrips can't be chosen.
if you see that thread not everyone see that as clear... a warlock cantrip being a cantrip a warlock can choose is a 'common language reading" of the text. I am not even 100% convinced it's a power issue.

Cantrips: Book of Shadows*, Chill touch, Druid Craft, Eldritch Blast, Guidance, Mage Hand, Message, Minor Illusion, Poison spray, Prestidigitation, Spare the Dying, Thaumaturgy, Vicious Mockery

*Defualt book of shadows: Sacred Flame and Mending

(Yes I have 13 counting book of shadows and if you don’t count it but the two it gives me that’s 14)
If your DM had said You COULD take pact boons cantrips as extra cantrips with slots, what ones would you have swapped?

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