D&D (2024) New playtest fighter and warlock

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Sideline suggestion: Message can be covered by a L5 Pact of the Chain with the familiar sending the message. Poison Spray as a short range cantrip loses out to the Pact Blade.
Good catch. But I picked poison spray for the fact that I like d12s and toll the dead is not in the game yet.


Fighter number two is more rogue then fighter but here he is.

Gunslinger. Dwarf (modified soldier)

Asked for +1 studded leather and his guns to be made of Adamantine BIT also asked to make crossbow expert work on pistols.

Rogue 8 Fighter 5
13 Str 20 Dex 11 Con 14 Int 17 Wis 9 Cha

Feats (ability score) Alert, Crafter, firearm master (crossbow master for pistols), speedster

Skills: acrobatics insight* investigation* perception* sleight of hand survival
smith tools thief tools and tinkerer tools*
*expertise (I think we house ruled the tinker tools cause I think playtest says skills not tools not 100% sure)

Cunning action (and fast hands) second story work and supreme sneak (funny not prof in stealth but +5 and advantage) and Uncanny dodge
4d6 sneak attack
Fighting style Archery
Action surge. And second wind /3
Default mastery: pistol musket rapier whip

Ac 18 and 91hp

Pistol. +12/+12. 1d10+5 Vex
Rifle +12. 1d12+5 slow
Rapier +10/+10. 1d8+5 vex
Whip +10/+10 1d4+5 reach slow


2nd warlock is going to be a blade lock that might multi with paladin but has nothing done yet and missed a major part of the playtest cause they thought half elf was still a thing getting +2 Cha and +1 two other stats so DM is going to walk them through this more.

I would have made a fully different character. However I planned on being a book lock with a chain familiar if it matters.
I think it's literally impossible to not take Book lock without self-nerfing if you can drop a normal cantrip for it; you get two normal cantrips in its place. I think it's hard to find a cantrip that's remotely worth the Chain, especially at level 5. And blade? If you already have Eldritch Blast and Agonizing Blast (or Tome) it's a useful second combat cantrip but is very much optional.

Go chain.
Take gaze of two minds.

Stand at the entrance of the dungeon while your familiar sneaks in, cast spells from it's invisible space.
If it dies, summon another and repeat.
Assuming the familiar is in combat they turn visible and can't turn invisible because they only ever use the dodge or attack actions.


Assuming the familiar is in combat they turn visible and can't turn invisible because they only ever use the dodge or attack actions.
Dodging and running still works just fine. You can win against any melee that way.
And with repelling blast, most flying creatures as well. Maybe a gust of wind for good measure.
Heck, Eldritch Lance and you can do orbital bombardment with your drone.


much better then targeting a player and staying back and useing gaze to attack
Yeah as cool as the new gaze is I can't see it making it to print. Literally the warlock could sit back in a lawn chair, be completely safe, yet provide its full suite of offense in a fight, by having spells come out of one of the other characters. That's just really crazy good.

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