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here it is, what do you think? ECL +0 or to weak?

The Arrana
The Arrana are a race of small, mysterious creatures born from the twisted dementia of a great arch mage, to be used as slaves or guinea pigs for his evil experiments. They are small and fragile, but are innately attuned to the realm of magic, weather arcane, divine, or otherwise. Despite there size and relative strength they tend to be very boisterous, Arana were initially bred to be strong willed and independent so they may serve their master more efficiently.
Until recently only those who had the honor, or the fate, of visiting the magical sanctuary of Melcor the lich arch mage knew of the Arrana’s existence. However, since the sudden “disappearance” of their master, the Arrana have begun to exit from their hold and move out into the world. Most are concentrated around the area of their former masters influence but a few have set off to discover the world and make a name of their own.
Arrana are small humanoids, about 3 to 4 feet in height with small red eyes and pale skin. Hair color ranges from brown to a burgundy to flaming red. Males tend towards the arcane where females are more often clerics or druids, worshiping gods of magic, fire, and strength.

-2 str, -2 con, +2 cha, +2 int, +2 wis,
Small +1 AC and attacks, +4 hide,
Base speed 20 feet
Spell abilities: fire bolt (ray of frost w/fire damage), weather elements(fire)(as endure elements for 1d3+1 fire damage), disrupt undead, each once per day as level 1 caster
Immune to sleep spells and effects, +1 racial bonus to saves against magical effects Their magical origins have made them more resistant to magical effects
+2 dodge bonus to reflex saves to take ½ damage from spells that allow such saves. This stacks with the +1 against all magical effects.
Automatic languages: Common, and one other. Bonus languages: Elvin, Sylvan, Draconic, Kobold, Gnomish, Infernal, and human regional. Because Arrana are unnatural, they have no language of their own but adopt the language of their master for their own.
Favored Class: Because of their arcane nature, Arrana can choose from the cleric, druid, sorcerer, or wizard as their favored class.

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That is a very interesting concept. I think the stats need to be better balanced out. I don't think a slave race should have a charisma bonus. The bonus spells seem a little odd for a slave race. Why create a race of slaves that can easily damage you.


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High charisma scores in a slave race - I think this is understandable, after all the slaves might have been used for, weel more 'bedroom pleasure' activitys, if you know what I mean...

As for the offensive spell like abilitys, I would say drop em. because there 'innately attuned to the realm of magic' how about giving them a bonus to spellcraft or knowledge(arcana) skills?

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