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Multiclasser's Manual will be mostly new content; I am currently planning to reprint one synergy feat chain from the Thematic Toolkit line in the first Multiclasser's manual; specifically rogue/wizard from Thematic Toolkit: Venomous Shadow. The other five two-class combos of cleric, fighter, rogue, and wizard will also all be in there. I wanted to include a full set of feats for multiclassing the four basic/essential/iconic classes. (There will be a lot more than just those six feat chains, but those will be in there.)

I certainly won't rule out a collection of the Thematic Toolkits at some point, but that's not what Multiclasser's Manual will be.
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How are scholars different from savants?
I find them a touch easier to run (equipping and utilizing Savant tricks can be a bit cumbersome). Personally, I feel like the Savant is a bard without magic (especially the Vox); Scholar is a bit harder to draw a direct comparison to another class.

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