3PP Release New 3PP Release: Thematic Toolkit: Folk of the Court!


A5E Designer and third-party publisher
This installment of Thematic Toolkit continues the support for other third-party creators, this time with the witch from Mysterious and Marvellous Miscallanea from Roll Them Bones Gaming.

The theme this mortals tied to a fey court, and includes three new archetypes:

  • Druids can become Phantasmal Emissaries, augmenting their nature-oriented magic with the trickery and guile (and eventually majesty and terror) of the fey.
  • Fighters can become Feycourt Champions, deadly warriors who can teleport and change their size. The most powerful can gain the baleful gaze of a fomori and even become true fey creatures themselves.
  • Witches can become fearsome War Witches, supplementing their magical prowess with martial skill, cursing their foes as they strike them, and eventually learning to transform into a fearsome avatar of war.
As always, this also includes three fully-generic synergy feat chains that allow you to make druid/fighter, druid/witch, or fighter/witch characters with these new archetypes or any others that strike your fancy. It also includes the Cutting Omen combat tradition for fighting spellcasters of all kinds.

Available now from DrivethruRPG!


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Just got around to reading this, and I immediately want to play a witch fighter gish. Bonus action cantrips with attacks sounds really satisfying, I'm going to roll out a few builds.

I spotted a few misprinted items during my readthrough.
  • The Verdant Blade feat has a rogue "teh" in the descriptive text.
  • I think there's a missing bullet point under the Witch Knight feat before "When you take the attack action..."
  • The descriptive text for Witch Knight should probably use "athame" instead of "athama."
  • The table for the Accursed Strike maneuver is missing.


A5E Designer and third-party publisher
Good catches all.

They have all been fixed and Accursed Strikes has also been renamed to Vexacious Strikes to avoid confusion with the maneuver in question. The new PDFs are now available.

Thanks for bringing all of that to my attention!
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So I did that Witch/Fighter gish build, and I'm honestly really tickled with the result. Purple Martin has made so much supporting content to do cool stuff with that build. I went with a thrown weapon build to really take advatnage of those free magic weapons and to ensure I always had a hand free for spellcasting thanks to the Fighting Style and then used the Trick Shot cantrip from MOAR: Battlemages to get an effective 2-3 base attacks, plus that bounce attack to all enemies in range, plus you can get a lot of flexibility by combining in Arcane Showoff for the fighter levels. Combine that with mastering a maneuver like Dangerous Strikes, you're at +4 extra to damage on all of them. Then I mined all the PM spells for reaction casting times, to maximize the value of those low slots. Stuff like Probability Manipulation, Shadowclaw, Freezing Retribution and Elemental Bulwark allow for a really neat defensive fighter style alongside chucking those all those javelins every round, and Winter Witch lets you maximize the value of your slots for stuff like Ice Armor with their free spell level upgrades.

I was mostly surprised by how much third party content I ended up working in, drawing from a bunch of your titles. :)


A5E Designer and third-party publisher
That's awesome! I'm glad you're getting so much use and enjoyment out of the various PMG releases. It's made to be used, so it's always wonderful to hear that people are using it, and even more wonderful to hear it's going well!

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