Level Up (A5E) New 3PP Release: Thematic Toolkit: Burning Gloom


A5E Designer and third-party publisher
The penultimate Thematic Toolkit release, Burning Gloom is available!

This one covers the adept, elementalist, and rogue classes.

  • Adepts can become Darkstrikers, masters of darkness and shadow who can see normally in the total absence of light, lower the light around them, and eventually even walk through walls in the dark.
  • Elementalists can become Infiltrators, using their element to hide from view and able to hit harder with their elemental blast when they have the drop on their foes.
  • Rogues can become Second Story Artists, able to quickly breach through security measures and make daring escapes across rooftops. If you've ever wanted a true "thief" archetype for the rogue class, this has you covered!

Plus there is a set of three synergy feat chains, one for each combination of adept, elementalist, and rogue. The adept/elementalist one lets you leave a dangerous trail of element in your wake, the elementalist/rogue one gives you the ability to "de-nature" your chosen element(s), and the adept/rogue one eventually lets you do the "smoke bomb disappearance" trick.

$5, over at DrivethruRPG right now!

TT_Burning Gloom_cover.jpg

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