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New Server Drive - donation and prize thread (Final total: $13,310!)

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Steve Jung

Mark said:
Oh, yeah. That's an important point about which to remind people. Make sure he has your most complete and recent information, email and regular address, if need be. Thanks, Steve Jung. :)
You're welcome, Mark. The drive happened around the time I moved, so I couldn't remember if I gave my present address or not. :)


I told everyone that I'd have emails out today, but it might be tomorrow - I'm reorganizing the database so that I can freakin' sort and access peoples' addresses. It's taking longer than I had anticipated.

Not forgetting or procrastinating - just so folks know. :)

EDIT - it is taking MUCH longer than I thought, as I confirm everyone's personal info. Better to get it right, though. I'll keep folks posted here on progress.
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No need to rush now PC. I am sure everyone is satisfied just knowing that progress is being made. Take your time, get it done right and don't sweat the small stuff!

Heya PC, thanks for the updates and I too received your initial "I was a bad PC" email... ;)
Good luck and try not to kill yourself getting this done. Just knowing that it is being worked on is keeping the wolves at bay... :D


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