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New Server Drive - donation and prize thread (Final total: $13,310!)


Piratecat said:
I missed this place, too. I needed to spend some time away from the computer in order to straighten out my priorities... I just regret that in doing so, I shirked my responsibility to you folks.

Naw...other than mild curiosity, I was cool with things. You should be responsible to yourself first, ol cat.

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Thornir Alekeg

Got the e-mail. Returned the pitchforks and torches to the store and told the "angry mob" extras which were supposed to head for Newton they will not be needed (for now). ;)


First Post
Got the email also.

Wasn't to worried about the donations... I got what I wanted out of the server driver: ENWorld up and running and there when I log in.

Tis' indeed my home away from home. :)

Dammit. Where is that group hug? :p


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But for the record, I did get some great downloads from Behemoth3, LeGames, and CM. These guys are great (and do is their products!) and get some serious pimping/purchasing out of me.

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