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New Special Materials Beyond Neutronium. Quark, Strange, and Black Hole Matter


So I was looking at an old IH website thread about things more dense than neutronium (found here: Immortality) and given the very extreme properties of some of these materials I thought they should be expanded on more. I've been wanting to make a strange matter golem for a while now as what strange matter can potentially do in the real world cosmos is extreme to put it mildly. So I've decided to take a crack at making some new materials and some "Body" Transcendent and Omnific abilities to go with them (I drop Orichalcum to a cosmic power and Neutronium to a Transcendent power as for the levels they're at they're very weak compared to other abilities, and since you have so little wiggle room to customize at that level to really be able to compete with other contemporary beings, they're normally basically never going to be used, thusly up these up a notch if you so want to and I'll put a side note as well).

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New materials at a glance:

All of these exotic high density materials are found throughout our cosmos, many of which have incredible properties beyond their base density. The weight shown below is not reflective of the actual weight of these materials I couldn't easily find any such theoretical weights for them so I simply made each material 8x heavier than the previous material going off the previously stated mechanics. This doesn't really do the materials justice as their real weights would be astronomically higher. Things like Black Hole material really can't be even weighed.

Likewise with the damage scaling, I decided to tone it back a bit as I didn't want it to get as broken as basic virtual size categories can be, thusly I still use the "Might" system I designed in my Reworked Damage for Gods thread which I'll put right here: Reworked melee Damage for divine beings, Siderials, Demiurges, Time Lords thusly limiting the exponential growth one might achieve from this. However, density still increases your base damage even with "Might" so a God with an Orichalcum longsword would still be dealing x12 whatever his might bonus might be (up to his HD in dice).

For example, let's say he's a level 40 Lesser Deity with a high enough strength to max out his Might, which would be mean he'd deal at a minimum of 40d10 dice damage for a swing of his longsword. An Orichalcum longsword used by this same god would deal 480d10 base damage. If that same God somehow was able to use a Strong Symmetric Matter Longsword he'd instead deal 40,960d10 per hit baseline before any other factors are applied, the same longsword used by a Time Lord would deal 1,024,000d1000 damage.

-Minimum Strength Requirement

Neutronium 235
Quark Matter 355
Strange Matter 475
Black Hole Matter 595
Weak Symmetric Matter 715
Strong Symmetric Matter 835

-Hardness/ DR

Neutronium 1,500
Quark Matter 22,500
Strange Matter 337,500
Black Hole Matter 5,062,500
Weak Symmetric Matter 75,937,500
Strong Symmetric Matter 1,139,062,500

-Hp/ Inch of Thickness

Neutronium 3,000
Quark Matter 45,000
Strange Matter 675,000
Black Hole Matter 10,125,000
Weak Symmetric Matter 151,875,000
Strong Symmetric Matter 2,278,125,000

(x the weight of steel)

Orichalcum x 2,097,152
Neutronium x 35,184,000,000,000
Quark Matter x 281,470,000,000,000
Strange Matter x 2,251,760,000,000,000
Black Hole Matter x 18,014,080,000,000,000
Weak Symettric Matter x 144,112,640,000,000,000
Strong Symettric Matter x 1,152,901,120,000,000,000
Kuvatchim x ∞

-Damage/ Armor Multiplier

Neutronium x192
Quark Matter x256
Strange Matter x384
Black Hole Matter x512
Weak Symmetric Matter x764
Strong Symmetric Matter x1,024


+25,920,000 gp
Neutronium +6,635,500,000 gp
Quark Matter +1,698,688,000,000 gp
Strange Matter +434,864,128,000,000 gp
Black Hole Matter +111,325,216,768,000,000 gp
Weak Symmetric Matter +28,499,255,492,608,000,000 gp
Strong Symmetric Matter +7,295,809,406,107,648,000,000 gp
Kuvatchim Unpriceable

Armor and Shields

The price increases at a factor of x256 for each new material used, refer to the charts on page 94 of the Immortals Handbook Epic Bestiary for the base cost of Orichalcum and the chart referenced above or here at: Immortality for Neutronium base costs for shields, light, medium and heavy armor prices.
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New Material: Quark Matter

Quark matter is a strange fluidic metal that is many many times more dense than Neutronium. Quark matter sits in the hearts of large (relatively speaking) neutron stars, a hyperdense non-newtonian fluid that appears much like Neutronium (a gray bubbling semisolid metal that bubbles and seems to churn whilst still keeping it's shape) however is much more liquid than than Neutronium and has a brilliant silver shine that seems to always remain clean and polished like untarnished white mercury and glows with a brilliant silvery white blue light that can be hard to look at, the material is so dense and high mass that it has a significant gravity well around it causing mundane objects near it to be pulled towards it, and creating a significant lensing effect around it making light appear to stretch and warp around it creating a halo of light around it looking much like a magnifying glass has warped the light. Quark Matter can only be forged with titanic forces far beyond the ability of most immortal smiths and can generally only be forged by mythic sidereal smiths and demiurge hands due to the sheer impossibility of being able to handle much less smith such material.

Quark Matter requires a strength of 355 to wield a weapon or use armor made of pure Quark Matter. It being highly condensed Neutron Star degenerate matter, it is roughly 8x heavier than Neutronium weighing x 281,470,000,000,000 that of steel, it has a hardness of 22,500 and deals 256x base damage for weapons or 256x the base armor bonus for armor and shields. Quark Matter has 45,000 hp per inch of thickness.

Being a fluid that acts as a solid, it has extremely unique properties that could allow for all sorts of interesting effects with weapons and armor weapons made of this material could theoretically stretch or wrap around an opponent's blade or armor, armor made of this could theoretically be very easy to move in (with a high enough strength of course) or shift or adapt as a situation requires it. It may even appear as simply a small amorphous glob of strange brightly glowing fluid in a belt or box made to transform on a moment's notice into hyperdense and nearly impenetrable Quark Matter armor and weapons.

All of that I'll leave up to the DM.

What Quark Matter does do however is this, in addition to the massive Hardness Quark Matter provides and the obvious benefits of higher armor and damage potential, Weapons and Armor made of Quark Matter effectively cannot be destroyed, if damaged, they heal and if destroyed they simply reform. All Quark items effectively are treated as having the Indissoluble Omnific Ability healing all damage taken at the beginning of their next round. The only way to truly destroy a Quark Matter item is to sunder it with an item of higher density (Strange or Black Hole Matter for example) or throw it into either a Black Hole or Strange Star, though dispelling the forces holding the weapon in place may also be an option. It also glows with a brilliant light mimicking a sunlight spell at all times, this effect cannot be suppressed and may get in the way of stealth or hide checks unless covered or otherwise mitigated and the lensing effect makes Quark Matter have a permanent Blur effect as the spell though it is considered an extraordinary effect and thusly not subject to immunity from spells or illusions.
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Not sure if some writer knew about that, but that one Star Trek movie with the Red Matter bomb basically show Strange Matter. That's what's expected if Strange Matter would touch anything.
(I guess calling it Strange Matter would have seemed too silly as a made up term even for that movie.)

Not sure if some writer knew about that, but that one Star Trek movie with the Red Matter bomb basically show Strange Matter. That's what's expected if Strange Matter would touch anything.
(I guess calling it Strange Matter would have seemed too silly as a made up term even for that movie.)
Yeah strange matter is weird


Technically speaking, a God is immune to natural forces, thusly, theoretically, a Divine being should be able to interact with the core of a black hole, that 'pinpoint' of infinite density. It really makes no sense on a physics standpoint, but man, a blade made out of a black hole seems preeetty freaking cool...


New Omnific Ability

Quark Matter Body (Su)

Your manifestation is made of the ultra-dense non-newtonian Quark Matter.

-Prerequisites: Construct Traits (see Ersatz), Iron Body, Adamantine Body, Orichalcum Body, Neutronium Body

-Benefit: Your body becomes pure quark matter. Your weight increases a quintillion-fold. Your strength increases by +732 and multiply your base damage dice by x256 and gain 48 Virtual Size Categories. You add 22,500/- to your damage reduction. You also add +1,078 to your natural armor bonus. Your unarmed attacks automatically treat an opponent's damage reduction as if it was 22,500 points less. Your dexterity is reduced by 146 (although this penalty cannot reduce your dexterity score below 10). You also gain the Indissoluble Transcendent (Lowered from Omnific,) Mutability Divine, Self Mastery Divine, and Uncanny Cosmic Mastery Cosmic abilities as part of this Omnific ability and shed light as the Sunlight spell at all times.

-Special: Both the damage reduction and the natural armor bonus stack with existing damage reduction and natural armor. This ability overlaps with Adamantine Body, Iron Body, Orichalcum Body, and Neutronium Body it does not stack with those abilities.

-Appearance: Your manifestation becomes fluid and indistinct, your surface though liquid, is as polished as chrome and shining with brilliant energy.


(Beefer's Notes:

The damage multiplier for basic virtual size categories as presented in the book is, once again, entirely out of hand due to VSC J-curve logic, by RAW the damage multiplier from 48 VSCs would be x281,474,976,710,656.

Which is absurd and doesn't make any logical sense in terms of usability.

Thusly for balance and actual playability, I make the damage multiplier bonuses equal to the damage multipliers in the description of the materials vice the base virtual size categories, (so x12 for Orichalcum, x192 for Neutronium, etc) as I only allow the base damage of attacks damage multiplication from VSCs to increase up to the hit dice of a deity, however I do allow this to stack with the damage multiplier from Orichalcum, Neutronium, Quark Matter Body, etc etc, as I explained in my earlier post. (so for example: a 40 HD Lesser Deity with max VSC damage potential 40d10x12 for Orichalcum Body 480d10 base damage)

Though this is presented as an Omnific Ability, there is, I believe, some argument to be made that this is only Transcendent in power as it suffers the same limitations as Neutronium Body, place it as you see fit.

Likewise initially I gave this ability Regeneration instead of Indissoluble for balancing purposes, but thought it made more sense to give it similar properties to the material itself, if this seems too strong, change that out for Regeneration, but again, I make the argument that Indissoluble is barely at Transcendent levels of power. Yes free full hp healing every round is very powerful, but a repeat spell version of a basic epic Healing using the Healing Seed spell from the Epic Handbook can, especially at high levels do much the same thing, compared to Transmortality or Transtemporal I feel that Indissoluble is far weaker, to the point of barely comparable)
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Quark Matter Golem

Arbiter, Advanced Neutralizer

Blinding white hot light radiates off this automaton in all directions like a white dwarf star. At its center you see a vaguely humanoid shape though seemingly made of pure molten silver, melted and fluid in appearance. The being has no features, and simply a single molten column of liquid metal where it's legs should be.

Quark Golem
Large Construct (Extraplanar)

Hit Dice:
500d1000 +15,728,640 (16,228,640 hp)
Initiative: +250 (+250 Gravitic Mastery)
Speed: Superluminal (5,621,108,587 ft/perfect)

Armor Class: 1,535 (+250 Gravitic Mastery, +1,287 Natural, -1 Size, -1 Dex)
Flat-Footed: 1,535 Touch: 248

Str: 752 (+371)
Dex: 9 (–1)
Con: -
Int: -
Wis: 11
Cha: 1

Space/Reach: 10ft/ 30ft
Base Attack/Grapple: +366/ +978

+978 melee , 2 attacks 18-20/x3 critical + Sharpness (severs random limb)

128,000d10+621 (640,621)

Special Abilities:
Gravitic Aura, Brilliant Aura, Gamma Ray Pulse, Astrophysical Jet, Starquake, Dead Magic Zone, Grab, Sharpness, Starflight

Special Qualities:
Accretion, Construct Traits, Damage Reduction 22,500/--, Indisoluble, Regeneration, Self Mastery, Mutability, Darkvision 60, Immunity to Magic, Low Light Vision, Magnetar, Superluminal, Unearthly Construction, Liquid Construction

Saves: Will 500, Ref 500, Fort 500

Alignment: Always Neutral
Organization: Solitary, Pair, Squad (1d4+2), Or with Time Lord
Environment: The Infinite Expanse of the Pleroma
Cr: (Estimated) 400

Advanced Neutralizers, Arbiters are powerful golems made from the densest heart of large neutron stars where the quarks have come apart into a liquid bath of non differentiated subatomic particles held together with such intense gravity that it becomes a flowing and metallic liquid-solid. These golems have incredible abilities and can easily dispatch neutronium golems sent to counter them.

Against powerful Omnific threats they, like Neutronium golems, are insufficient weapon platforms but can sometimes stall such foes for long enough for their masters to escape or for help to arrive. Against Cosmic and Transcendent threats however, Arbiters can be nearly invincible foes from which there is no escape.


Arbiters are used in highly sensitive situations where a Time Lord needs a situation handled correctly. Arbiters in this sense are used like straightforward assassins and elite guardians. When needed, they make intense foes, healing all damage done to them seconds after being damaged and their bodies are so dense no material weaker than Strange Matter can damage them normally. They're also utterly immune to magic and their Gamma Ray Pulse and Astrophysical Jet abilities make them extremely dangerous.

They like other golems unleash their most powerful attacks on the strongest foes outright and allow their auras and aoe powers to obliterate lesser enemies. Their self mastery ability allows them to release parts of themselves to chase multiple targets, and their mutability and liquid construction powers allows them to flow through small places (that aren't utterly obliterated by them simply making contact with them) allowing them to chase slippery foes where once caught they use their sharp liquid attacks to slash a foe to shreds.


Anyone striking the Quark Golem must make a DC 881 Strength Check every round to retrieve it’s weapon or appendage as titanic gravitic forces threaten to tear limb from body.

Damage Reduction: An Arbiter has a hardness of 22,500, this can only be overcome by other Quark Matter items or denser materials

Regeneration: Incredible gravity heals the damage done to a Arbiter by 22,500 per round, this regeneration can only be overcome by Strange Matter, Black Hole Matter or other such materials, or must be abrogated or otherwise neutralized.

Indisoluble: An Arbiter heals all damage done to it at the start of every round via a fast healing of effectively ∞, only Strange Matter, Black Hole Matter or similar hyper dense materials or permanent damage can damage it normally.

Grab: Any time the Arbiter successfully strikes a foe in melee it can attempt to start a grapple check as a free action without provoking attacks of opportunity. This ability can be used against foes of up to 5 size categories larger than itself. If the Arbiter so chooses it can maintain or conduct the grapple check at a -20 to grapple without gaining the grappled condition itself.

Gravitic Aura: The Gravity well around a Quark Golem is so great that it appears to distort space time, with a massive gravity well surrounding the immediate area it inhabits, from a radius presented below it deals the following each round
· 200 ft: 10% Max Hp Drained, Death DC 881
· 600 ft: 2% Max Hp Drained, Death DC 881
· 2,000 ft: Unconscious DC 881
· 6,000 ft: Stunned DC 881

Gravitic Mastery: The Arbiter is not subject to gravity, including it’s own. It can freely control the ebb and flow of it’s own gravity and the gravity around it granting it a +250 Elemental Mastery bonus on Armor Class, Attack Rolls, Ability Checks, DCs, Initiative and Saving Throws

Brilliant Aura: Unimaginable cosmic energy and blinding power radiate off of the Quark Golem dissolving all those who come too close in a wash of brilliant light.
· 200 Miles: 250d100 Divine and 250d1,000 Divine Fire damage (137,000 average)
· 600 Miles : 62d100 Divine and 62d1,000 Divine Fire damage (34,100 average)
· 2,000 Miles: 25d100 Divine and 25d1000 Divine Fire damage (13,700 average)
· 6,000 Miles: 6d100 Divine and 6d1,000 Divine Fire (3,410 average)

Immunity to Magic: Arbiters are utterly immune to all forms of magic that allow a spell resistance

Dead Magic Zone: All Magic ceases to function within 25 ft of an Arbiter

Magnetar: Once an Arbiter has identified a target for termination it is inextricably linked to the Quark Golem and it cannot escape. No matter how fast the being moves, even manifold times the speed of light, the Arbiter moves relative to their two positions, even across time or dimensions. Treat as Spell Stowaway and tether attuned to any method of movement.

Gamma Ray Pulse: Each Round as a Free action the Arbiter may produce a pulse of focused Gamma Rays, this wave targets all foes within a 10,000 miles and deals 500d100 Divine and 500d1,000 Divine Fire damage (average 275,000) with no save and deals 50 points of Radiation Damage to any foe without immunity to poison and ability damage and permanently blinds all foes who fail a DC 881 Fortitude Save

Astrophysical Jet: As a Standard Action on a round that the Arbiter does not use it’s Gamma Ray Pulse it may opt to fire a powerful Astrophysical Jet a massive explosion of charged particles and atomized matter in a cone 500,000 miles wide, this blast deals 1,000d100 Divine and 1,000d1,000 Divine Fire damage (Average 550,000) with no save, blasts foes who fail a Reflex Save of 881 back to the edges of the attack dealing 50,000d6 (average 150,000) extra falling damage if they hit a solid object, and disintegrates all foes who fail a DC 881 Fortitude Save

Sharpness: The Arbiter may deal Slashing or Bludgeoning damage with it's slam attacks. If dealing Slashing damage, the Arbiter's Critical hit range is tripled to 18-20 and deals x3 damage on a Critical hit. Additionally, a natural '20' severs a random limb, roll a d6 on a 1-2 an arm is severed, a 3-4 a leg is severed, a 5 is the Arbiter's choice of arm or leg and a 6 severs the opponent's head. this deals a % of the opponent's max hp unless they regenerate or can regrow limbs. 15% for an arm 33% for a leg and death for the severing of a head.

Starquake: When destroyed or brought to negative health an Arbiter explodes into a massive blast like a Supernova releasing titanic amounts of energy. The Blindness and Dazzling Effects are permanent. It deals the following:

· 2,000 Miles: Disintegration Fort DC 881, 25,000d6 Fire Damage (average 70,000), 50,000d6 (average 150,000) Kinetic (falling) damage +50,000 ft pushback, 500 Radiation, Blindness Fort DC 881
· 5,000 Miles: 25,000d6 Fire Damage (average 70,000), 50,000d6 (average 150,000) Kinetic (falling) damage +50,000 ft pushback, 500 Radiation, Blindness Fort DC 881
· 10,000 Miles: 50,000d6 (average 150,000) Kinetic (falling) damage +50,000 ft pushback, 500 Radiation, Blindness Fort DC 881
· 15,000 Miles: 5,000d6 (average 15,000) Kinetic (falling) damage +5,000 ft pushback, 50 Radiation, Blindness Fort DC 881
· 20,000 Miles: 500d6 (average 1,500) Kinetic (falling) damage +500 ft pushback, 5 Radiation, Dazzled DC Fort 881
· 25,000 Miles: 50d6 (150) Kinetic damage +50ft pushback, Dazzled Fort DC 881
· 1 Light Round (1,171,064 Miles): 5d6 Kinetic damage (15 average) 5ft pushback, planetary disturbances (hurricanes, emp like effects, satellites knocked out of orbit etc) Dazzled Fort DC 88 for 50 Rounds

Unearthly Construction: Quark Matter Golems are fashioned by the Time Lords and other Omnific entities, they use d1,000s for health and always have maximum hp per hit dice, Arbiters always roll the best possible result when using Starflight

Liquid Construction: Quark Matter Golems have a liquid body allowing them to move in ways not achievable by solid forms. Their slam attacks are treated as having most melee weapon base properties such as Trip, Reach, Brace, etc and they can reach out as if 2 size category larger giving them a base reach of 30 feet, additionally they can slip between gaps in walls and under doors or any space more than 1/4 an inch wide. They cannot effectively be grappled and are treated as if constantly under the effects of a Freedom of Movement spell however they can attempt to start a grapple check as an immediate action any time they are struck by an unarmed or natural attack and can make an unlimited number of attacks of opportunity in a round (though only 1 per opponent).

Mutability: Quark Golems are treated as Oozes and have Ooze traits granting them immunity to critical hits, flanking, and sneak attacks or other precision based damage and grants them Blindsight out to 5,000 feet.

Self Mastery: Quark Golems can disembody their own arms or just globs of their body which can act as independent entities. This deals a permanent 15% of the Golem's hp total and the new disembodied body part gains that much hp. It is treated for all intents and purposes as an extension of the Quark Golem, it gains no extra actions for using this ability however it can make slam attacks, and use it's it's aura effects from an extension and may use it's Gamma Ray Pulse ability but only at 10% of it's effectiveness (though it's saving throw DC remains the same).

Superluminal: Arbiters move at the speed of light, 5,621,108,587 feet per round.

Starflight: An Arbiter can reach any destination in the Multiverse in 3d20 (3) minutes
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New Material: Strange Matter

Strange matter is a tremendously dense, ultradurable, near indestructible material produced in the heart of large Quark stars known as Strange stars. When pressures reach a point where Up and Down quarks can no longer compensate, some quarks are converted into higher energy quarks known as Strange Quarks. These quarks have unique properties and for lack of a better term are 'stronger' than standard up or down quarks. When quark matter is converted into strange matter, normally the quarks would quickly decay into down quarks, it is instead held in perfect stability due to the unyielding gravitic forces placed upon it. The quarks can't decay and the liquid metal Quark Gluon bath that forms Quark Matter, compressed by gravity to it's absolute threshold, becomes the final stage of matter possibly formed. That material, pressing desperately back against the collapse before disappearing and becoming a black hole forever is Strange Matter: a perfectly stable, indestructible material without equal. The strongest form of matter that can possibly exist without breaking the laws of physics itself.

Strange Matter appears as a brilliant peridot green metal shining with threatening yellow green light. Tremendous electromagnetic and gravetic forces create immense amounts of photonic energy and cosmic radiation which blindingly burns in all directions from this material, illuminating and irradiating everything for hundreds of thousands of miles around it. The lensing from this is intense causing significant light disturbances around the material. Light appears to loop, again and again, the back of the material can be seen from the front, and a halo much like something between a kaleidoscope and a rainbow can be seen around the surface of Strange Matter shifting with near fractal properties. The intense gravity well created by Strange Matter will cause all non magical items to immediately begin to orbit and descend into even small amounts of the substance.

Sidereal smiths look upon Strange Matter much the way a mortal smith may look at Neutronium. An impossible material with terrifying properties. Even Transcendent beings view it as more a liability than a boon and only Omnific beings and the most prodigious Transcendent smiths have ever been able to successfully forge the material, even then it is extremely rare. Strange Matter represents the ideal state of matter. No matter born of the universe can damage it and, in fact, any normal matter (Orichalcum and below) that comes in contact with it is instantly converted into Strange Matter. reducing it's size to the point of nearly disappearing.

Strange Matter requires a strength of 475 to wield a weapon or use armor made of the material. It is roughly 64x heavier than Neutronium weighing x 2,251,760,000,000,000 that of steel, It deals x384 base damage for weapons or x384 the base armor bonus for armor and shields, it has a hardness of 337,500 and 675,000 hp per inch of thickness. This hardness cannot be overcome even by other Strange Matter items or items of higher density and it's Hardness and hit points are considered effectively ∞ to all matter not denser than itself. It's hardness cannot be overcome by any means and it is immune to all standard forms of damage, including all magical and energy damage, it can only be ejected from a universe, it cannot be destroyed. Even Permanent Damage and Divine Energy fails to overcome this material's insane durability. Only Strange Matter and denser materials can actually damage the substance.

Being nearly unforgeable and utterly indestructible along with it's volatility makes the material extremely difficult to work with. The material is usually made into bricks or small interconnecting pieces vice a fully forged solid items.

In addition to it's nearly unbeatable Hardness, Strange Matter effectively cannot be destroyed, it cannot be damaged by any attack form except by items of higher density. If somehow destroyed, the material explodes into a shower of Strangelets like a fragmentation grenade, small shards or chunks of Strange Matter that are released in all directions at speeds close to the speed of light. These Strangelets deal damage as the Omega Immolation Transcendent Effect, annihilating it's damage multiplier in Hit Dice (384) upon it's destruction without save to all foes within 384,000 feet and threatening the same upon all foes within 384,000 miles on a failed reflex save equal to it's damage and armor multiplier x2 (DC 768), Divine Immunity is sufficient to ignore this effect, however all beings still take 384d100 Piercing and Bludgeoning damage from the bombardment if they fail a Reflex Save of DC 768 and take half damage if they make the save, in addition, incredible radioactive energy emanates off the material causing 384 points of Radiation Damage at all times to all beings within 384,000 miles of the material, though Divine Immunity negates this.

The material also sheds brilliant yellow green light like a sunlight spell in the same vicinity, within 384,000 miles. If any being without immunity stares directly into the source of this light for any amount of time, they are dazzled without save, if they continue to look directly at the source for more than 1 round they must make a DC 768 Fort save, failure indicates they are permanently dazzled and blinded for 384 rounds, success negates the blinding effect and reduces it to dazzled for 384 rounds. The lensing of this light creates multiple phantom images of the substance granting a permanent Mirror Image like effect around it at all times. This lensing effect is treated as an extraordinary effect, thusly immunity to illusions and spell resistance or immunity do not apply. True Sight, Blindsight and Blindsense will see through this however as will Tremorsense.

All Strange Matter items effectively are treated as having the Omnific Toughness Omnific Ability being treated as having effectively ∞ Hp against any attack or damage not made of Strange Matter or Denser material. Any being without Divine Immunity struck by Strange Matter or who comes in contact with armor or any item made of the material has 384 Hit Dice annihilated as per the Omega Effect Transcendent Ability without save as parts of their body are instantly converted into Strange Matter. Items and matter that comes in contact with Strange Matter is reduced in size by 10 Size Categories and converted into Strange Matter. Orichalcum is reduced in size by 5 Size Categories.

The only way to truly destroy a Strange Matter item is to sunder it with an item of higher density (Black Hole Matter or Weak Symmetric Matter for example) or throw it into a Black Hole.
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New Omnific Ability

Strange Matter Body (Su)

Your manifestation is made of the near invincible Strange Matter.

-Prerequisites: Construct Traits (see Ersatz), Iron Body, Adamantine Body, Orichalcum Body, Neutronium Body, Quark Matter Body

-Benefit: Your body becomes pure Strange matter. Your weight increases 100 quintillion-fold. Your strength increases by +982, multiply your base damage dice by x384 and gain 65 Virtual Size Categories. You add 337,500/- to your damage reduction. You also add +1,521 to your natural armor bonus. Your unarmed attacks automatically treat an opponent's damage reduction as if it was 337,500 points less. Your dexterity is reduced by 196 (although this penalty cannot reduce your dexterity score below 10).

Your Damage Reduction cannot be overcome by any means besides denser materials or must be abrogated or otherwise negated and you become immune to elemental, magical, negative, positive, divine, untyped, and permanent damage. You also gain the Omnific Toughness Omnific Ability, even if you already have it, Omega Immolation, Omega Hand, and Omega Strike with your unarmed attacks, Transcendent Abilities and the Uncanny Radiation Effect Divine Ability, you also shed light as the Sunlight spell at all times out to a radius equal to your Divine Aura, dazzling all foes and making them suffer a minus to Attack and sight based Perception or Spot checks for an amount equal to your Divine Bonus for an amount of rounds equal to your Divine Bonus who look directly at you without save.

Any normal matter you touch is instantly converted into Strange Matter, reducing in size by 10 size categories and becoming effectively useless losing all magical and mundane properties it previously had. This can be resumed or suppressed as a free action however it cannot be suppressed within anti magic or dead magic zones.

-Special: Both the damage reduction and the natural armor bonus stack with existing damage reduction and natural armor. This ability overlaps with Adamantine Body, Iron Body, Orichalcum Body, and Neutronium Body and Quark Matter Body, it does not stack with those abilities. The Mutability, Self Mastery and Indisoluble abilities granted by Quark Matter Body are lost when taking this Omnific Ability.

-Appearance: Your manifestation glimmers like unblemished peridot green chrome and shines with brilliant blinding light.
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