New "Stranger Things" D&D Starter Set Announced


WotC is making a new Starter Set that includes what is ostensibly Mike Wheeler's adventure from "Stranger Things," with the kid's characters as pretend and 80's style dice, available for preorder now.

It was unveiled at New York Toy Fair, as reported by

It’s available for pre-order on Amazon now for $24.99 with a May release date.

  • Stranger things themed of Dungeons & Dragons: embark on an exciting dungeon & Dragons adventure, hunt for the thessalhydra, "created" By the character Mike from the Netflix original series, stranger things
  • Great game for new dungeon & Dragons players: whether players are new to D&D, or looking for a new adventure, this stranger things themed roleplaying game includes everything a group needs to PLAY
  • Detailed rules, adventure book and game dice: The exciting adventure book and colorful rulebook contain tons of information on how to play the game, strategy, and tips for players to advance a character beyond the Fifth level, plus 6 Polyhedral dice so you're ready to play
  • Stranger things character sheets: play as a favorite stranger things character
  • Includes 2 Demogorgon figures: the game includes 2 Demogorgon figures, one that players can paint and customize.
UPDATE - over at Raging Owlbear, you can see a short Q&A with Stan! who wrote the adventures and who notes that "ST [Stranger Things] is set in 1983/84 and the FR [Forgotten Realms] boxed set wasn't published until 1987". Does this mean that the adventure is set in a different setting, such as Greyhawk?


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This is cool, but please tell me it's not replacing the original Starter Set? I mean, the original will still be available?


Yeah, probably? I'd expect, if anything, for this to be a limited edition item.

I would expect so too. This is a niche product for fans of Stranger Things. And a nostalgia product designed to pull at the hearts of gamers of a certain age - look at how they've broken out the Metzner-era "red box" design again for it.

I'm hopeful, though, that leads to them putting out more limited edition starter sets in the future. I think if they put out a Starter Set themed to work with the MtG Ravnica setting book they put out, that wouldn't be a bad thing at all.

(And if they want my advice for a nostalgia product - put out a limited edition Starter Set with a 5e version of either Keep on the Borderlands or Village of Hommlet in it.)


I wasn’t interested until I saw the ‘80s style’ dice mentioned.

Of course I could probably get those online anyways...

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