D&D 5E New Unearthed Arcana: Heroes of Krynn Revisited

WotC's Jeremy Crawford has announced a new Unearthed Arcana article today with redesigns from the prior Heroes of Krynn UA based on feedback, and in the following video he discusses that feedback and what's in the article:
  • New iteration of Kender based on feedback survey, due to mixed response. This time is a back to basics, aiming to capture 1E AD&D fearlessness, curiosity and taunting skills. Delve into their origins from Gnomes in deep history.
  • Kender are no longer fey creatures who grab objects from the Feywild
  • Tweaked Feats from prior article
  • Tweaked Backgrounds from prior article
  • Brand new rule giving a list of free Feats for ANY Background
  • Free Feat rule for Level 4 for all characters that doesn't take the ASI away, based on a curated list
  • Reveals that in the Adventure, healing magic is already back.
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They tried to cook Han Solo! And they had a dress that conveniently fit Leia, which could have been from a past victim.
I just needed a bit more in the movie. Maybe a scene of storm trooper being carved for dinner in the background at the celebration at the end.

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Damnit, Morrissey!
Hmmm...I think those are the Afflicted Kender...all dark and gloomy and gothy. After Malys wiped out their homeland, there were several Kender who had their girlfriends in a coma and all. That damned dragon and her Bigmouth strikes again...


Well, there is more to Dragonlance than just the terrible joke races. Whether that other stuff is enough for people, I dunno.
The more I see you guys discuss it, the more it feels like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole when it comes to fitting Dragonlance within 5e... and I wonder if they can do it in a way that would satisfy Dragonlance fans while not turning off new fans of 5e...

And not stepping onto some ablist landmine along the way...

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