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New Year's Resolutions


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It's early to discuss, yes I know. We're still digesting the turkey and Black Friday isn't even over yet, let alone the holidays.

However, I'm a big believer in resolutions and the New Year's resolutions is something that I like to give a lot of thought about before Jan 1st comes around.

Two years ago, mine was to write my own material for the campaign. 16 modules later, I've written 15 of them and am working on #16. It's been a really fun exercise in doing this and the time and level of me prepping each session, I have found that my players are more engaged and driven in the game, so it's kind of an infectious cycle.

This year's was to have a complete collection Warhammer FRP 2e. Unfortunately, I'm still four books shy, so this is still an ongoing resolution for me. I loved running WFRP 1e, but 2e was truly awesome to read and have been trying to complete this collection.

Next year's resolution is to run a completely new game and teach it to my players. I'm open to new games, but my players are pretty much, "Thou shalt have no other gods before me, the D&D." I spent this year pretty much to get them to warm up to the idea, so next year I think I should be able to get them to play. I'm thinking Alternity or Traveller since I don't want to replace one fantasy game with another.

So, what will be your rpg New Year's resolution this year?

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Shades of Green

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I have at least two new-year resolutions:

1) To limit my gaming spendings to no more than 25$ a month, unless I get a windfall (i.e. money for my upcoming Traveller book for Spica Publishing).

2) To FINALLY work hard on my Traveller campaign, which I was toying with for TWO YEARS but NEVER got around to actually writing; to START PLAYING in a year or so.

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