TTRPG Gaming Resolutions 2024 Edition


I want to connect with more players locally. My long term group is going to have some changes as my youngest son is moving on to college. Potentially, I have another long term player who is going to take a break. So, recruiting is a priority, but I also want to meet new people - even if they don't mesh with our gaming style.

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Deluxe Unhuman
Decide if I actually want to run the two short-run games and the one long-term game I have in mind, or if I just like thinking about running them. :)

Spend more in-person time with some of the folks in my gaming group other than on game night.


New Publisher
Run my VTT games in 2.5 or 3d on Foundry.

Paint some of my unpainted minis, since it looks like I finally have an in person game.

Build out my gaming space in the basement.

Stop buying games I won't play (luckily, the MCDM RPG is THIS year.....).


Deluxe Unhuman
Actually, in 2024 I want to lean into writing, layout, and copyediting/proofreading work in the biz. Anywhere in the general creation and publishing end of things is the longer-term goal.

Not everything might happen in 2024, but the tentative plan is:
  1. Increase my practical familiarity with Docker, Traefik and CrowdSec
  2. Set up the basic infrastructure for outside access on my NAS
  3. Set up Foundry and the modules I bought/got over the last two years on said NAS
  4. Play around with the VTTs for which I have modules (Foundry, Roll20, Alchemy)
  5. Run a game or two with those VTTs and a system from my top 5 list for next year (DCC, Dolmenwood, Vaesen, Beyond the Wall, Broken Compass)

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