TTRPG Gaming Resolutions 2024 Edition


Are you planning any TTRPG gaming resolutions for the new year? Games, campaigns or adventures you want to try? Play more? GM more? Less?

For my part, I have two strong one. First, I want to get back to playing in person more (my weekly games are via FG). At this point I only do so at cons or other special events. I would like to run a regular in person game with a relatively long session. I am thinking like 6 hours on one Saturday per month. I don't know if I will be able to wrangle players, but I hope to.

My other resolution is to finally get some products up on DriveThru. I have a Shadowdark monster collection in my hard drive waiting for final layout, and a half written Savage Worlds setting/adventure. I don't really have the time to do freelance writing at the moment due to other responsibilities (which is too bad; I much prefer work for hire, but I just can't guarantee I can hit deadlines right now) but I want to stay active as a writer in the space. Hopefully I can start making better use of those moments I do have time.

What are your TTRPG gaming resolutions for 2024? And, as a corollary, what were your resolutions for 2023? Did you keep them?

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I have a few things planned for the next year:
  • Finish up the PF2e Abomination Vaults AP I’m currently GMing and transition to the Stolen Fate AP I have planned to follow it up with.
  • The group I run the above for plays weekly on Foundry, but we have played Call of Cthulhu in-person. I really want to make that happen on a more regular basis. Monthly would be awesome if we can figure out schedules.
  • I want to make more of an effort to help bring people into TTRPGs that aren’t 5e. I recently figured out how the local Pathfinder Society community works, so I want to try to run some games there next year. I also have some work friends who have expressed interest in trying something so I’d like to run something simple for them and figure out the level of crunch they’ll tolerate and see what they end up enjoying.

Somehow between the above scenarios, I want to work Pendragon, Knave 2e, Shadowdark, and OSE/Dolmenwood into my rotation.

My gaming resolutions for 2024:

Game in person more.
Restart or take another go at my old meetup game.
Restart my condo building game group, and get more recruits in.
Sunset D&D 5e./6e/whatever.
Play/run all the other games I have in my library.

For 2023 it was play less 5e and play more other games as well. I was partially successful.

The Soloist

  • Buy fewer games in 2024 and play those I already have. I'm cutting my budget in half.
  • Start a Cyberpunk Red solitary campaign. I'm getting the core rules for Christmas and I already have the missions book.
  • Play board games in person with my gaming group.
  • Enjoy my retirement.


He'll flip ya...Flip ya for real...
Now that I'm part of the local Battletech scene, I'm hoping to get into more setting, campaign, and roleplay situations. I think there is a hunger for the folks for these things, but the wargame nature makes it difficult to add in.


Actually put together the big Fantasy Craft houserules binder I've wanted to get together for years, and then prep a short 2-3 session campaign to show it all off.

  • My Foundry VTT group is starting a GURPS Dungeon Fantasy based game next week. I’d like to get more than 6 weeks of play out of it.
  • I have an irregular Friday night live group at the FLGS. I’d like to find a way to make it more regular. I’m really the problem here not the players. I need to find something easy enough to run and play with canned material ready to go. I’m thinking either PF1 or D&D 4e right now.
  • Run the Persephone Extraction for Nights Black Agents in Savage Worlds. I did the Zalozhniy Quartet this year and it was fantastic so I’d like to revisit those characters and that world.
  • Find some time for more WHFRP, as a player or GM. I’d really like to find a quality game to play in but I don’t have my hopes up and I’m not willing to pay to play.

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