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The wiki has an ugly trick. If the box is inside a < pre > text < / pre >, it shows up in a grey box and is preformatted. If the pre tags are taken off AND the first character of a line is a space, you keep the grey box, but can use bold, urls, strikeout, etc markup tags or wiki tags with a preformatted spacing. If the first character of the line is not a space, then you are outside the grey boxes and get a slightly different markup style with a flowing spacing.

Edit: I removed the pre tags and it showed up just like you wanted.

You can add a new section by going in to the source mode, then adding three equal signs, title three equal signs, like
===New Block===

Thanks a bunch, you guys are super helpful!

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Testing out my hand at making a mini stat block.
[sblock= Mini Stats]

Special: Values in [ ] used when rage is active
AC: 16 [14] (Flat-footed: 14 [12], Touch: 12 [10])
HP: 13/13 [15/15]
CMB: +5 [+7] CMD: 17 [19]
Fort: +4 [+6] Ref: +2 [+2] Will: +2 [+4]
Speed: 30'

Perception: +4 [+4]
Initiative: +2 [+2]

Current Weapon in Hand: None
Current Conditions in Effect: None
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Ok I got the stat block set up all nicely and almost have the corresponding section on Vax's wiki page done too. However I am having trouble getting the image link saved as well.

I don't want to have to past the image link into the spoiler box for every combat post and would much rather have it all prepped and ready to copy and past right in.

I keep getting a spam notification from the wiki saying that [url= triggered the filter.
Any idea how to have the link for the image on my wiki page saved into the mini stat section so I can have it all ready to copy/paste?


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I just remove that first bracket and add it back in when I have to paste my stat block from my wiki character sheet. Otherwise, I'll quote my previous post and that will automatically copy my statblock. I have to cut the previous action and write the new but it's easier than cutting and pasting the block every time.

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