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D&D (2024) No Dwarf, Halfling, and Orc suborgins, lineages, and legacies

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not race really needs a sub-race if racial abilities are mostly non specialized.

Astral elf can be default elf.
Bonus action teleport works for any character concepts.
Perception and darkvision works for any character concepts.
Bonus cantrip is always useful
and variable skill +weapon/tool works everywhere.
I like the Astral Elf.


Dwarf, Halfling, and Orc are all lineages of the Dho? Doh? Odh? Ohd? Hod? Hdo? Or something?

(I have the feeling the Halfling would set me up to say that to the Dwarf just to see how badly the Dwarf would pummel me - while the orc scholar in the corner would just smirk knowingly and make the Halfling wonder).


I would have rather they dumped all the subraces, giving them more room to put in an additional race or two (Goliath and animalfolk would be my choice - throw tabaxi, haregon, tortle, minotaur, lizardfolk, sharkfolk and any other "human with an animal head" into a group and be done with it).

I'll forgive them on half-orcs and half-elves if they can make a "half" race that lets you make a half anything without being abusive. Cuz then the first thing I'm making is a half-orc/half-dwarf.


5e Freelancer
Should WOTC recreate Drawven and Halfling subspecies?
Of the races in the PHB, Dwarves and (especially) Halflings have the most boring, uninspired subraces. Why are Dwarves that live in Mountains and Dwarves that live in Hills genetically different enough to warrant subraces? Why can't that just be a cultural difference? What the hell are "Lightfoot" and "Stout" halflings and why do they exist? I am more than okay removing these subraces, as they were bland and didn't need to exist.

I'm not opposed to the concept of subraces for these species (although halfling subraces would have to take some convincing for me to accept them. I'm more of the opinion that "halfling" should just be a human subtype). They'd just have to be more interesting and significantly different than "Hill" and "Mountain". What about Dwarves that live in Volcanos/Plane of Magma? Or Arctic Dwarves that carve fortresses into great glaciers?

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