Nominate your favorite TTRPG podcast of 2022

As December's end approaches, it's that time of year again -- where we take nominations for your favourite TTRPG podcast of the year!


Every year on the Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG Talk podcast, along with this website, we hold a giant poll to find out what are the most favourite tabletop RPG podcasts of the year. The voting is divided into two categories -- TALK, and ACTUAL PLAY -- and each years, two podcasts win and enter the HALL OF FAME. Once a podcast has entered the Hall of Fame, it is no longer eligible in future years.

ACTUAL PLAY podcasts are podcasts where the podcasters play an actual tabletop RPG for your listening enjoyment. TALK podcasts include interviews, reviews, discussion, opinion, advice and news.

Here are last year's winners -- Miskatonic University Podcast, and Sweden Rolls. Who will take the crown and join the Hall of Fame for 2022?

How To Nominate
  • Post your nomination as a reply to this thread.
  • One nomination per person per category.
  • Must have released at least 3 new episodes in 2022.
  • Include the podcast name (be accurate) -- and a LINK to the show's website. If I have to search for it I’ll just move on! No linky, no nommy.
  • Note which category your nomination is in -- ACTUAL PLAY or TALK.
  • PODCASTS, not YouTube channels or Twitch streams.
  • It cannot be your podcast or one you are involved with.
  • Its primary focus must be tabletop roleplaying games.
  • If a group puts out multiple podcasts, they are combined into one nomination.
  • Those which have won before are not eligible.
  • Please say why, as we read those comment out on the show.
Nominations will be open until Friday December 30th. After that the shows will be put to the public vote and the winners announced on the Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG Talk podcast.

Be sure to follow the above rules. I’ll only be compiling valid nominations which do so!

Previous Winners
These podcasts won in previous years and are now in the Hall of Fame. They are not eligible this year.


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My vote is System Mastery for their eponymous talk podcast reviewing old (and sometimes new) games which consistently makes me laugh out loud often surprising my dog. They have high production value, a consistent release schedule, and review old favorites that I remember playing as a young person as well as obscure titles I've never heard of. The hosts make it feel like I'm sitting down with two old friends to lovingly gripe about old games we used to play and that's pretty awesome.

Whizbang Dustyboots

Gnometown Hero
Without question, my favorite ACTUAL PLAY podcast remains Not Another D&D Podcast. Incredibly silly, wildly inventive and grounded in a good sense of what makes a D&D game work (as evinced by their Dungeon Court special episodes, in which the cast rule on D&D questions asked by listeners).

Much like Dimension 20 -- which is inarguably one of the top-two actual play streaming shows on the internet -- NADD Pod expands the definition of what a D&D game is. Sure, there are traditional pseudo-medieval pseudo-European adventures. But there are also games where everyone plays a talking gorilla in a jungle city. There are games where everyone is a bunch of surfing himbos in a magical universe, trying to solve a mystery. And the current campaign features airships, magi-tech and brainwashing.

The surface is silly and the performances fun, but like D20, it's a great clinic for Dungeon Masters looking to expand their horizons for what the game can be.
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Effekt Podcast for best TALK podcast ever!

I want to like Effekt, but the fact that one of the hosts basically doesn't follow RPGs or RPG news outside of Free League stuff, and just sort of guffaws and acts surprised through what's usually about half of each episode is a real dealbreaker for me.

Plus, when one of them spends 15 minutes literally reading an essay/review they've written in advance...maybe it's just me, but that's weird stuff for a podcast. The audiobook version of reading an RPG blog, I guess?

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