Nominate Your Favourite RPG Podcasts of 2020!

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It’s that time of year again! Nominate your favourite RPG podcasts of 2019. As a reminder, here are last year’s Top 10, and here's 2018. Who will take the crown for 2020?


As always, the podcasts are divided into two categories: ACTUAL PLAY and TALK. Actual Play podcasts are podcasts where the podcasters play an actual tabletop RPG for your listening enjoyment. Talk podcasts include interviews, reviews, discussion, opinion, advice and news.

Hall of Fame
Last year's winners were Tablestory (Actual Play) and The Grognard Files (Talk). These two podcasts joined The Adventure Zone, and The Good Friends of Jackson Elias in the Hall of Fame, and are not eligible to enter this year.

How it works
This is the nomination thread. In this thread, anybody can nominate their favourite tabletop RPG podcast in each of two categories (Actual Play, and Talk).

Once the nominations close, they will be compiled and the full (valid) list presented in a poll for public voting.

The Top 10 in each category will be announced first on Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG Talk, and then later posted here to the website.

Rules for valid nominations:
  • podcasts, not videos
  • must have released at least 3 new episodes in 2020
  • the main focus must be tabletop RPGs
  • must not be your own podcast
  • must include a link to the podcast’s web page
  • if a group puts out multiple podcasts, they are combined into one nomination
  • say why
  • podcasts in the Hall of Fame are no longer eligible
  • one nomination per category per person only

Nominations open for two weeks, until Sunday 29th November. The poll will come shortly thereafter. The results will fittingly initially be announced in our podcast and posted here as an article later.

Nominate your favourite by posting in the replies. You only get to nominate one in each category (Talk, Actual Play). Make sure to check the rules above or your nomination may not valid.
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Category: Talk
Podcast: Effekt Podcast
Why: They talk a lot about Year Zero Engine games (from Free League) + Symbaroum and often have guests, sometimes from Free League, sometimes contract writers, sometimes fans, to talk about Year Zero Games + Symbaroum. They offer homebrew items and ships (Coriolis and Alien) and factions and how to input them into the game.
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I would like to nominate The Hydian Way who are eligible for both categories:

Talk: Tales from the Hydian Way.

This show, which released weekly up to 300 episodes before finally going on indeterminate hiatus earlier this year, is a masterclass in how to run the Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars system. Each episode focused on an aspect of the game and did a deep-dive exploration that was both entertaining and accessible - be it how certain unusual character types can be brought into the story; to what ideas and plot hooks can be taken from the various films to expand your own games; to how to change the focus of your story to tackle certain themes and everything in between. No matter what you wanted to know there was an episode here that covered it.

Actual Play: Heroes of the Hydian Way

Each season takes one of the the three game lines in the FFG Star Wars system and shows off the published adventures in a gripping and engaging style. The third season has just started and it's going from strength to strength - the players are brilliant, the GM is inspiring and captivating, the characters are fantastic and the editing is superb. Funny, thrilling, tense, exciting... this is one of my favourite shows out there. Add to that the cast are just really good people too and it's the cherry on top.

Website: The Hydian Way


I'd like to nominate

Roleplay Rescue

Che has created a real community around trying to bring people back to the hobby. Great guests and wonderful conversations.

Tale of the Manticore

A very interesting take on AP: solo gaming but with high production values and thoughtful choices.


First Post
Talk: Monsters and Multiclass
They take every crunchy thing about my favorite mechanic in 5e and never leave any stone unturned trying to find roleplaying reason and mechanical benefit to every combination of multiclassing. And on top of that, I learn a lot about monsters that I otherwise would never think about!

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