Vote For Your Favourite TTRPG Podcasts (TALK Category)

Who was your favorite tabletop RPG podcast of 2022 in the TALK category?

  • Effekt Podcast

  • Fear of a Black Dragon

  • Fear The Boot

  • Gaming Perspectives With Saul & Jolene

  • Improvised Radio Theatre - With Dice

  • Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff

  • Kill Every Monster

  • Lazy D&D Talk Show

  • Mastering Dungeons

  • Me and Steve Talk RPGs

  • Modern Mythos

  • Morrus' Unoffical Tabletop RPG Talk

  • Plundergrounds

  • RPGBOT.Podcast

  • RTFM (Read The F*cking Manual)

  • Savage Interludes

  • Star Trek Adventures: Continuing Conversations

  • System Mastery

  • Tabletop Journeys

  • The Artificer's Portal

  • The DM’s Book Club

  • The Palmer Files

  • Vintage RPG Podcast

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It's time to vote! We took nominations, and now we'll find who was your favorite tabletop RPG podcast of 2022 in the TALK category.


Every year on the Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG Talk podcast, along with this website, we hold a giant poll to find out what are the most favourite tabletop RPG podcasts of the year. The voting is divided into two categories -- TALK, and ACTUAL PLAY -- and each years, two podcasts win and enter the HALL OF FAME. Once a podcast has entered the Hall of Fame, it is no longer eligible in future years.

This poll is for the TALK category. Thee podcasts include interviews, reviews, discussion, opinion, advice and news. Last year's winner in this category was Miskatonic University Podcast which is now in the Hall of Fame and not eligible.

The ACTUAL PLAY category can be found here!

Why isn't my favorite podcast on the list?
Did you nominate it? If so, let me know ASAP so I can add it. If not, that's why your favourite podcast isn't on the list! Only shows nominated during the nomination phase are eligible.

Closing Date
This poll will be open until Friday 13th January.

To Vote
You need to be logged in to this site to vote. You may vote for up to 3 entries.
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I am pretty sure that Star Trek Adventures: Continuing Conversations and Continuing Conversation are the same podcast. Can you combine so there is no vote split if one vote for one and not the other?


I just listened to the latest Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG Talk Podcast, and no spoilers, but I want to thank our unbelievable fans, congratulate and thank any podcast defeating us, and encourage any podcast that was below ours and has Morrus on it. I'm kidding! Sincere thanks for the kind words. Like you, we love the craft of podcasting and are thankful anyone is wild enough to listen to us!

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