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Let's say that I'm not too happy about the supposed new OGL thing and, in a fit of teenage-like rebellion, I wanted to move away from the OGL.

I thought the list would be pretty long, but it seems even non-D&D-adjacent games have been released under the OGL.

So, people of Enworld, would you help me build a list of fairly well-known, not too rule-heavy, games not published under OGL to present to my table of casual gamers?

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B/X Known World
Fate. Fabula Ultima. Index Card RPG. EZD6. L5R. Mouse Guard. Burning Wheel. Mutant Year Zero. Vaesen. Blade Runner. Alien. Forbidden Lands. Avatar Legends. Monty Python's CMRP. Paranoia. Risus. Mork Borg. Viking Death Squad. Doctor Who RPG. 2400. Dread. Monster of the Week. Mothership. Zombie World. 7th Sea. Broken Compass. Ars Magica. Over the Edge. Masks: A New Generation. Cartel. City of Mists. Blades in the Dark. Galaxies in Peril. Cortex Prime. Barbarians of Lemuria. Numenera. Cypher System. Dark Eye. Dune. Dungeon World. Spirit of 77. Thirsty Sword Lesbians. Star Trek Adventures. WEG Star Wars d6. Tales from the Loop. Traveller. And lots, lots more...


Assuming you are looking for fantasy-oriented stuff:

Savage Worlds is a lot of fun and currently the primary system I use but it can have a much different feel than D&D.

Blades in the Dark and Band of Blades are both fantasy-oriented games using the Forged in the Dark system.

I've heard good things about Runequest but don't own it and have never played it.


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^^^^^. What @Reynard said. Best on the block.

Also, (to a lesser degree) Forbidden Lands.

Other that exist, mostly out of print:

  • Rolemaster
  • Palladium Fantasy

Good news! Palladium Fantasy and Rolemaster are both in print! Rolemaster has notably just launched a new edition and Palladium has brought the original edition of their fantasy back into print as a Commemorative Edition hardcover.


One of the non-OGL Runequests. Or other fantasy BRP games.

Shadow of the Demon Lord

A bunch of OSR do not use the OGL. A lot do too so check individual things.

Green Ronin's Age system.

Dungeon World, Ironsworn and other Powered by the Apocalypse fantasy games.

Barbarians of Lemuria


Ars Magica

Forged in the Dark games





Savage Worlds



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CR 1/8
Fate is OGL.

I know! But it is. I suspect a couple of the others might be as well. You can't assume they're not just because they don't use d20 mechanics.
Fate offers a choice of OGL or CC.

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