ZEITGEIST Non Zeitgeist Campaign in Zeitgeist Setting?


My group played their fourth session yesterday afternoon/evening, and something interesting came up.

After we finished, and they had taken down Asrabey (I'll do a full write up, maybe tomorrow, and post it for all to read - but it was a very fun encounter with him!) and we were wrapping things up, the guys asked how much more there was of this campaign. They were excited to play more and didn't want it to end.

I mentioned we had finished the first of four modules, and that at the rate we were playing we'd probably catch up in a few months, if we continued to play for a few hours every week. They were a bit bummed out, but one of the players had a fun idea - what if, during the times there wasn't a new Zeitgeist module out, he ran another campaign set in the same world?

I was very excited about this for two reasons.

1) It meant he is having a good time in the world. This player is notoriously picky, so I was very glad to learn he was enjoying himself so much.

2) It meant I would get to play in the Zeitgeist setting! I've been having a blast preparing this game for my players, but it's bittersweet because it means I don't actually get to play. This would solve that.

So here are a few questions.

The setting is pretty specifically set up to run this one campaign. The nature of the planets and the magic system and everything revolves around the storyline of the campaign and why the villains do what they do. I want my player to have as much information as he needs to run a campaign in the setting without giving away key plot points from the main campaign. I'd love to hear everyone's advice about that bit.

Also, should I steer him away from particular factions or NPCs? Perhaps recommend setting the campaign in the past - during one of the Yerasol Wars to avoid overlapping with the main storyline?

I think this is a great idea, and I'd love to encourage it, so what would you guys say to him, to prepare him to start working on something?
Depends on what the party wants. A Yerasol War campaign could just be a lot of fighting, or it could cast the PCs as privateers, hiding in coves throughout the islands, occasionally slipping out to attack Danoran supply ships, or being called upon via sending to lend aid to the Risuri military.

You might set something a few centuries ago in Flint, when the witches were lording it over atop Cauldron Hill. Or have them in the Malice Lands as Danor is trying to build its railroad -- maybe they're brigands, or bodyguards for surveyors -- and they come across some old ruins from before the Great Malice.

Heck, maybe they randomly get hired by operatives of the Obscurati who are searching through various tombs, dungeons, and ruins, looking for old magic that could be useful. Set them up in a position somewhat similar to Rock Rackus, where they're effectively just below the lowest tier of the Ob hierarchy, doing grunt work and getting a sense that their bosses are up to something odd. You'd be able to hop all over the world, since the bosses could pay for transportation, and maybe only a third of the adventures would actually need to be related to anything mysterious; the rest could just be handling the different cultures and challenges of getting from here to there.

I would say, though, generally steer clear of Ber until we get adventure 6 out, and steer clear of Elfaivar until adventure 8. I mean, do what you want, but we haven't put out a ton of info on those places yet, and it might be best not to risk contradicting something that matters to the plot later.


I'll suggest something set during the Yerasol War then. It seems open-ended enough that he can be creative, and the Archipelago gives him plenty of room to come up with cool locations that won't contradict anything in the main campaign. Have a war campaign that works kind of like Star Trek - the group traveling from island to island solving whatever problem needs solved on that particular planet/island.