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NOT ACTUALLY A Source for print copies of HOL/Buttery HOLsomeness

I've seen people looking for these books in hardcopy several times (both here and other sites) and recently got reminded that a small company called the CaBil has the publishing rights and apparently copies for sale on their site. I used to know Carla and Bill (that's where the company name comes from, as well as being a play on "cabal") from our days at a long-closed FLGS around here, and while I can't swear their site's up to date now they were certainly reliable last time I ordered from them.

Which was ~thirty years ago now, so maybe email them before you order just to be safe. Regardless, it's a potential source.

Pity their other old product ranges are gone, they used to make a pretty neat range of miniatures and a short-run gaming magazine that had the only fan expansion article I've ever seen for Nexus: the Infinite City, one of Rob Heinsoo's early RPGs.

EDIT: After two weeks with no response to email inquiries I'm going to say that CaBil is not actually a reliable source for the game at this point, so disregard most of the above. They did make some great clown minis once upon a time, though.
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