Notice: Arrest and Incarceration of Meier



As requested as a condition of his peaceful arrest, I am posting a notice that the being known as Meier is currently in the holding of the Marshals of Juxta, and expects to be that way for quite some time. He has not yet been assigned a prison cell but is expected to be sent to one soon for the charges of cold blooded murder and for two counts of assaulting a Marshal.

He also made a note that he felt that anyone who wanted to contact him should contact that Marshals and that he was hopeful that someone would wish to battle him. Naturally while contact is permitted the Marshals do not encourage or condone any attempts to battle with a jailed criminal.

- Gabriel Ahdaheil Barakiel

(( The player has requested that anyone who wishes to contact him about interacting with Meier in any way (perhaps an attempt to spring him from prison and/or attack him) should email him at this address:

And he will get in contact with them.


Gabriel ))

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