NPC Portrait Gallery: Circus (Cabaret, Carnival...) Performers :-)



I had the idea we could start a thread providing suggestions to fantasy portraits of circus-related characters: acrobats, lion-tamers, fire jugglers, clowns and what not. Also including "sideshow" characters, cabaret artists, carnival workers. Could also be people raising tents or clearing dung in the stables.

I'm equally happy for in-thread pictures as links. Hope to add a couple of suggestions myself soon!


PS. The portrait picture is the essential bit. Adding a name, a backstory etc would be appreciated, but isn't strictly necessary. The image is where the imagination starts! :)


I'm running a game premised on a traveling circus which in reality houses a band of mercenaries and thieves. Good pictures of fantasy circus characters are hard to come by. But...

This is Brianna, getting ready for her performance. She dances on the high wire, and at the end of every show, her husband the Ringmaster ties her to the "Wheel of Pain" and throws knives at her. Don't worry, he always misses.

When she's not performing, Brianna dresses modestly, and wanders the circus anonymously, looking for possible trouble, looking out for her people. If someone threatens her people, she might choke them to death with her legs, or shoot them when the bow she conjues from nowhere...