NZ Virtual Tour.


Thought I would start a thread doing a virtual tour of New Zealand. Atm we are functionally cut off from the world. Technically you can still get here.

Boring stuff.

We're a small nation of 5 million people approx (they messed up the census). Geographically almost the same size as Colorado. A bit smaller than Italy.


During lockdown I watched a few YouTube videos on NZ as I normally watched ones in Europe, Asia, Middle East etc. A few parts I hadn't seen.

Generally the scenery is pretty I suppose. Growing up around it you take it for granted. I'll use a variety of personal photos, friends and family photos, YouTube videos and images found on Reddit.

What are we famous for? Sheep, All Blacks and Lord of the Rings. Baaaaa.
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My local city. Work in progress.

So where do you live you kiwi hillbilly? I live in Dunedin, Otago.

It's a university city of around 120k. My harbour a month or so ago at sunrise. Late April/Early May.

Dunedin is also known as the Edinburgh of the South. It's on the SE coast of the South Island.

Promotional type video.

More recent as filmed by local in lockdown . CBD area.

But that's the pretty bits. Here's some photos of suburbia where I live.




We're about 100metres up on a hill.

I'll leave it there for the moment and see how things go. I'll expand it out to some nearby locations, the Southern Alps areas and up the coast, then the rest of Otago and South Canterbury. Feel free to ask any questions or make requests.
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I already took a couple of virtual tours. They were called The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

(Sorry, you're probably sick of people saying that.)


A large % of the population is urbanized and mist of it lives in or bear the coast.

Locally we have great beaches but summer tends to be a Friday afternoon in late January.

Lots of walking, hooking type tracks. Going for some exercise last year. On the outskirts you have city block then straight into farms.

Ten to fifteen minutes drive within city limits there are multiple interesting spits.

Lagoon at Tomahawk Bay. Cones with some trash.



The lagoon has a small Creek flowing out to the ocean. There's a walking track around the lagoon, and a hike over the hills.


Following the creek you come out at Tomahawk Beach. Not suitable for swimming. This photo was taken a week earlier than the others and it but 29 degrees Celsius at 9am.


Facing north looking up the beach early on a Saturday morning.


Walking up the beach looking South.


No seals or sealions spotted that day. 200km stretch of coast doesn't look to drastically different.
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Why is the beach unsuitable? Wildlife? Dangerous tides?

No lifeguards, surf+ currents. Mostly surf as most beech's don't have lifeguards anyway.

There's another similar beech just a couple of kilometres South where more people swim with lifeguards and esplanade and salt water pool.


One of the things I’m considering for my bucket list is some sort of LotR/Hobbit tours. I’d like to get your (local) take on that. Worth it?


One of the things I’m considering for my bucket list is some sort of LotR/Hobbit tours. I’d like to get your (local) take on that. Worth it?

It is a thing. One of the YouTube channels I planned on linking to did that. A lot of the locations are scattered and sans CGI barely look like the movie.

It's a lit if traveling. Hobbiton is a tourist site, other places are near a road or in the high country.

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