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WOIN O.L.D. v1.2 Playtest Version B


Having played with a Goblin character the last couple of months. It seems that goblin pack attack (pg 29) transforms a goblin into the best warrior in the group. This is especially true is other characters have animal companions as it adds yet another ally (and another +1d6) for the goblin. The end result of this exploit with a four player group with one animal companion was usually a +2d6 to +4d6 to the goblin characters attack even before figuring in flanking. Compared to other exploits this seems especially powerful.

Pack Attack. Goblins work best in groups, using numbers to compensate for their small size. Goblins gain +1d6 to attack a target for every ally also adjacent to the target.

The bestiary version of Pack Attack for goblins only allows goblins pack attack to work with other goblins.


On page 75 under selling gear is states "Items can normally be sold to an appropriate buyer for half their listed value"

However, on page 241 under Storeroom "Usually, unwanted magic items are traded in for one-fifth of their market value. However, if you have a storeroom, you can trade directly with local merchants and craftsmen and get better prices in exchange for building materials."


On page 66 it states

Equipment (use only one)
► For Melee Defense, the quality of your weapon, armor, or shield can be used.
► For Ranged Defense, the quality of your armor or shield can be used.
► You can only benefit from high quality equipment (including armor) up to your skill level.

However there is no skill for shield in any class. If shields is supposed to be part of [combat] then the issue becomes that the knight class (pg46) can't train in shields even though he is supposedly proficient with shields according to his description. Actually only Orcs and Gladiators have access to [Combat]


Pg. 107
If not otherwise specified, a stored spell is usable once per day and requires two actions to activate.

Casting spells got changed to one action, my guess is this should also be one action.

As an observation, the cost for general customization seems high. An example is disease, as a weapon customization it is 5k. As a general customization for a DC 16 disease at will power touch power, you are looking at 13 magic points or 169k.