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Press Obsidian Portal Changes Ownership


Read the full report here: Obsidian Portal Announcement

Obsidian Portal, former ENnie winner and premier RPG campaign management website since 2007, has officially announced a change in ownership, which happened incrementally over the past year. The new Head Portal Keeper, who goes by thaen, is a 40-year-old dad from Texas in the U.S. and a regular gamer - a marked departure from the previous steward, a corporate website management group based in Australia who purchased O.P. from it's founders several years ago.

The new leadership team has been quietly upgrading the site and building new relationships with the users during the transition. 2020 has already seen the release of several new features, including Public Forum options, Forum Dice, Player Secrets, and Private Characters - most of which originated as user suggestions. This announcement welcomes O.P. users old and new to reach out to the new owner and the team and tell them what they would like to see next.

Thaen and his team can be reached via email at support@obsidianportal.com or via private message on the site: Thaen's Profile Page

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