[Oct] What are you playing?

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Angel Tarragon

Dawn Dragon
Nuclear Platypus said:
BTW, is there a ROM for Chrono Trigger? I'd also need an SNES emulator tho.
If you have a Playstation or PS2, Fick up Final Fantasy Chronicles, you'll get Final Fantasy IV and Chrono Trigger.

John Crichton

First Post
shadowlight said:
Can't ... stop ... playing ... Lumines (PSP)!!!!!
Eyes.... bleeding.... Thumbs... cramped... need... intervention!!!!
You'll get no help from me. I'm actually typing this with my feet just so I don't have to put the PSP down. And don't worry about it. You'll eventually drop because of malnutrition, lack of sleep or a combo of both. *toes up*


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Just continued playing Desperados, hopefully I'll eventually reach the end of this incredibly cool game. :D

And I recently bought Commandos 2 (for a whopping € 2,- (new (well, unused ;)) game from a store)), but I think I like Desperados better.

Will take a look at Dragonshard soon, I guess. :)


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