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Wow, Mr. Potato Head is going to be in 4E as a race? Cool!

On a side note, I do like some things on this, like the death saving throw failures check boxes, separate boxes for current hitpoints, second wind checkbox.


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It's just further proof that not only they're catering to the WoW players, but they're trying to catch the manga crowd as well. WotC must be stopped!

And come on, only one page? That's just wrong. This is the deal breaker for me, I'm sticking with 3.5, 3.75, 3.81, and 3.99.


withak said:
By the way, Wizards, please stop putting PDFs in .zip files. It's annoying and silly.

Yeah, I can't open zip files at work. If they just put it up as a PDF I could find out what everyone is laughing about! :(


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I wonder if this sheet was made before or after The Rouse's design change regarding the use of the word "cool". More evidence that WotC hasn't properly playtested their material!!!!1


Knight of Solamnia
This will go great with my Autobot-aligned half-dragon/half-demon/half-human in my 4.123456789 game!

Finally, a place for class title. *scribbles in "Browncoat"*

Lessee...shoe size is 11...

Oh good, they simplified the Diff AC...

Uh-oh...need more Thai....

:D :D :D

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