D&D 5E Official Dragonlance Story Line by Baldman Games


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WotC has had designated several story lines, in support of new content and Adventurers League play, to Baldman Games, and now they are creating for Dragonlance!

A few weeks ago, big changes were announced for the D&D Adventurers League —mostly around who would be producing new content going forward—and we are ecstatic to be able to bring you some updates!

We previously discussed two storylines with all of you, but can now confirm Baldman Games will be spearheading THREE very exciting adventure series and are pleased to announce the talented folks overseeing those efforts as well as a brand new Meet & Greet streaming segment to help everyone get to know the new coordinators.

Moonshae Isles Storyline:
Paul Gabat @DMPaulG
Savannah Houston-McIntyre @writersavvy

Dreams of the Red Wizards Storyline:
Cassandra MacDonald @TheIceQueer
Mitch Smithson

Dragonlance Storyline:
Jon Christian @DwarvenDM
Alan Patrick @warfteiner

Tune in to Twitch on Sunday October 2nd at 8pm ET as we chat first with the new Moonshaes coordinators. Future episodes will feature the other coordinators and key figures from the Baldman Games team. We can't wait to share more and hear your thoughts!

(See here for the earlier announcement: The Big Update: Game On, August 2022 Edition | Wizards of the Coast)

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I crit!
I think this means there won’t be Dragonlance Dungeoncraft adventures. I wonder what it means for opening up Dragonlance on the DMsGuild for other creators?


Front Range Warlock
I'm unsure of how to feel about this. On one hand, not being a huge fan of Dragonlance of old, I was pretty interested in the new setting material. On the other hand (and I'm aware I'm in the minority here), I find Baldman Games' AL content to be consistently bad in actual play (notably, I feel that a lot of their adventures seem to be plagued with problems that even minimal playtesting would have sussed out).

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