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[Offline] [Des Moines, IA] [Players Needed] [LGBTQIA+ Friendly] [Beginner Friendly] GM looking for a player or two in the Des Moines area!

Plo Koon

I'm a GM with two players, looking for a one or a few more players to hit that 3-5 player sweet spot! Myself and the two players so far are queer, so this will be an LGBTQIA+ friendly game. The other players are also beginners, so this will be beginner friendly too!
We haven't decided on a system yet, but I'm leaning towards Troika!
I typically run homebrew campaigns that start generic, but are heavily tailored towards the players and their preferences as I get to know them and their characters.
Schedule is not decided, but we'll likely be aiming to play once or twice a month.
Games will be run offline in the Des Moines area.
I know everything here sounds a bit vague, but that's intentional! As I mentioned earlier I like to tailor my games to my players, so nothing is set yet. It will solidify with our first meeting and with talks on discord before that.
If you're interested, please reply here or message me!

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