OLD D&D style magic items


Hey all. I'm trying to make a few D&D style magic items but I'm having a few problems. Potions don't seem to be a thing in WOIN and he cost for say a potion of regeneration seems way too much for something that can only be used once. My idea was to make the cost be 1/10th the normal cost due to it's single use.

The second problem is a wand that casts a permanent spell, such as summoning a stone wall. The MP granted by the staff as in implement is enough to cast the spell but the MP cost means that the character would need a MAG score of 21 to do so. This is way outside the normal 5D6 limit, so is there a way to circumvent these limits?

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Magic in WOIN is much more low-magic than the super-high magic of D&D. If you wanted to replicate D&D's magical prevalence and availability, you'd need to reduce the MP cost of magic in general across the board.


And that is also the same for NEW. It's expensive and tough to heal, all of these add to a more hard sci fi setting.
My reflex is breaking the rules and winging it with a little wet-finger-balancing work if they get in the way of how my party expects me to run my game, or if they get in the way of how I want to run my game.

So I'd say, just make the items regardless of the letter of the rulebooks but try to keep it balanced inside the setting you are working with, with the power level you want to be working at.
I love exploring and fidgetting with rules, but they are but regulating frameworks for a very freeform game after all.