D&D 5E Old settings coming back?

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Dark Sun sold out as far as I know. It became very hard to find very soon after release. There may have been other factors at play not just sales of Dark Sun.

Right, I'm assuming that by 2010's Dark Sun release that the 4E sales problem was a known thing since the Essentials line came out later the same year. Allowing for that it was the last multi-book setting release so I'm wondering how much influence it (and the other 4E campaign releases for that matter) will have on Next's release schedule and format. With all the retro flying around might we see a return to the boxed setting set? It would be another distinguishing feature separating it from Pathfinder as well.

In addition to the other traditional Big Box settings of older editions I suspect Neverwinter will be on the list somewhere in year 1 or year 2. With their emphasis on cross-promoting the electronic stuff it seems like an easy choice, especially if they match it up with a big release for the MMO to tie it into THE SUNDERING!!! to sync it up.

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