D&D 5E On Representation and Roleplaying

So, folks are assuming transgender is fixed with a sex swap. That's not always the case.

The problem with all the magic that does a sex swap is that these items/spells/whatever change a character's biological sex from male to female or vice versa. They do nothing for how that person thinks or feels or anything beyond the physical body parts, and I guess the DNA too? We have to remember that the original items existed before it became understood that sex and gender are different things and while there may be more modern versions of the items that do more, I am not familiar with them.

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To put it into perspective for Starfinder.

Basic hoverchair: 350 credits Item level 1 (meaning everyone can get one)
Mid range hoverchair: 850 credits Item level 2
Expensive hoverchair: 4300 credits Item level 6

Cybernetic limb replacement: 100 credits Item level 1 (Basically a walk in procedure you can get everywhere)
Artifical Spine (Necrograft, so undead tissue) 200 credits: Item level 1
Regeneration Serum (regenerates one limb or organ) 600 credits Item level 6

Sex change serum: 350 credits ( I though it was even cheaper): Item level 1

Starting credits at level 1: 1000

So the range of people who can afford a hoverchair but not a limb regeneration (if they do not want to use cybernetics) is very small. Imo especially the higher priced hoverchair make no sense as futuristic wheelchair when fixing your body is so much cheaper and just as easy. They only make sense as a "mobility help" for people too lazy to walk Wall-E style, but using those chairs in that function is not really respectful to disabled players.
That's Starfinder, not D&D. Even then, it doesn't cover any of my points other than cost.

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