OneDnD One D&D Expert Classes Playtest Document Is Live


The One D&D Expert Class playest document is now available to download. You can access it by signing into your D&D Beyond account at the link below. It contains three classes -- bard, rogue, and ranger, along with three associated subclasses (College of Lore, Thief, and Hunter), plus a number of feats.

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Morkus from Orkus
As his last call as big boss of D&D, Ray Winniger made a last ditch effort to finally remove the oatmeal-raisin elves and the soaked spaghetti elves she inserted at the demand of Crawford!
I heard that. I also heard that despite Ray Winniger's attempts, Crawford left in the pizza bagel halfling subrace, because something had to be done to make halflings better.


Crown-Forester (he/him)
Just a reminder that the survey closes tonight.

You've got just a few hours left to enter your response! It took me about 40 mins to give my thoughts (mostly negative about Bard, mostly positive about everything else - save Hunter and the Arcane Spell list).


Crown-Forester (he/him)
FYI, the survey has extended through today. >_<'

Seems like they really want to get in every last survey response before Thanksgiving.

Though I also wouldn't be surprised if it closes at some point today and they release the next playtest UA at the same moment. I doubt they're going to be working at all tomorrow, so this is probably just the last hurrah before the holiday.

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