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One Page Adventure: Dia De Los Dinosaurios Muertos

NEW AZTLAN’S annual celebration. A civilization of long-dead dinosaurs led by the dinosaur mummy lord MIQUIZTLICOATL plots to reclaim their lost lands from the ruins beneath the city. You'll fight velociraptor mummies riding ankylosaurus skeletons! You'll meet a zombie t-rex! Have dinner with a hall of undead dinosaur nobles!


As promised, upon hitting 100 wonderful patrons, here's the adventure Dia De Los Dinosaurios Muertos! Thank you all so much! The next one will be at Christmas, where everyone who has become a patron by then will get Presents For Goblins for free as a thank you from me.

If you like these One Page Adventures, please support me so I can keep them coming by backing the Patreon, where they're also available in PDF format. This is my third One Page Adventure, this one based on a wonderful adventure by Jensen Toperzer!

The next one, which I will release if I hit 200 patrons, is The Haunting of Calrow Ruins, based on an adventure by Aaron Infante-Levy. Here's a quick glimpse at part of it:

Screenshot 2018-12-13 at 16.16.22.png
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I think autocorrect didn't like your description of the Temple of the Feathered Lords. I think it's sporting "friezes" rather "frenzies" of dinosaurs? But it could be frenzies in an adventure I guess? :)


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OK here's my take on the hook (which seems a bit vague?):

The University has just built a natural history museum with a display of freshly uncovered dinosaur bones and skeletons celebrating the . The pride of exhibit is some perfect mummified body (what kind of dino is the mummy lord?) from the vaults that has been missing it's head, until it was recently discovered. The head is going to be reconnected as part of the grand celebration. All the town has been invited to the event so there's a large turn out and lots of partying. Kids running around pretending to be dinosaurs etc.

So the opening ceremony begins and the head is reconnected to the body, which of course triggers the return of the mummy lord. He appears in the middle of celebration and he's pretty pissed off that his old capital city is running with humanoid vermin so he raises his long lost children (all the undead dinosaurs that pop out of the ground) and promptly teleports in to the depths of the Feathered Capital.

The city is in chaos, who will save Aztlan from this undead scourge?!


Well, that was fun
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[MENTION=6801558]robus[/MENTION] That’s awesome! I love the idea of people taking these and running with the ideas.


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I ran the original and it was great fun. Reducing it to a one-page adventure loses a lot.

I'm just not a fan of these one-page adventures. Especially when I'm familiar with the original works.

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