D&D General One Piece of Art III (Magic Items)- What D&D Art Inspired You to Love a Magic Item

Enrico Poli1

Artist: Larry Elmore
Source: Mentzer Companion Cyan Box
Magic Item: Magic Sword (Two-Handed)


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Scion of Murgen (He/Him)
Yeah, while there are some memorable D&D items, like the Rod of Lordly Might or Daern's Instant Fortress, you rarely get the same kind of epic feel as you get from Glamdring, Excalibur, The Glaive, The Golden Lance, or The Sword of Omens. Hell, most people would be happy with Hank's Bow!
In my current game, even though it's old school style and there are quite a few magic items, I make a point of giving each one a name, at least one special property, and a description.



Gungnir, Odin's magic spear from Legends & Lore/Deities & Demigods. Jeff Easley did this one.

Doesn't matter that it will probably never come up in a game. Norse gods are in D&D and there is cool evocative art of them so the dwarf-made spear that never misses is in D&D.

This would probably be my favorite D&D art of a D&D god too.

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