D&D General One Piece of Art IV (Races)- What D&D Art Inspired You to Love a Race (Lineage, Ancestry)


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I've already shared one of the pieces that made me really love the dragonborn, but this one is what fully cemented that love and also gave me several of my ideas about the ones I like playing:

This shows, for example, that dragonborn have "facial hair" if they wish. It also just...really spoke to me in terms of an elder (presumably a father) showing a youth (presumably a daughter or son, hard to tell) the ways of war. I dunno why this specific thing spoke to me so much, but it really did. (As is the case with a lot of the cool 4e art, this is William O'Connor, you can see his mark.)

A later one, which I just think is really cool:

This one comes from Bob Kehl.

Edit: One last cool piece. This one I've long thought about exactly how I would try to implement it--I suppose nowadays a Hexblade Warlock is probably the best pick.


Apparently made by user "phazone" on Reddit, I haven't found a more specific name to credit.
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I'ma go with something recent because it's fresh in my mind. Usually I'm not a fan of short races, but damn if the illustration for goblins in Monsters of the Multiverse doesn't make me want to play one. It's badass, it's bowing to popular opinion and green instead of yellow, and it gets away from the big nosed model that I've never liked (either aesthetically or for its real-world connotations). I'd sooner play a goblin like this than a gnome or halfling.


I can't put the picture up, but one that struck me was the earth genasi (?) in the Planescape book Guide to the Inner Planes.

I looked at that and immediately wanted to play one. A friend of mine said "that is a righteous dude who takes no grief and has no slack!"

Yeah, it was a while ago.

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