D&D 5E One Shot #3: Lady of the Mist

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Isle of Mists
Round 0

Ivar roared in anger as he lost more flesh to these accursed birds. He hated the surface! Moving as far as the rope would allow to the nearest hawk, he swung again with his war pick.

Move: H2
Action: Attack #7
War pick: 1D20+5 = [19]+5 = 24
1D8+3 = [2]+3 = 5

Bonus Action:.
Reaction: Opportunity Attack
War pick: 1D20+5 = [15]+5 = 20
1D8+3 = [7]+3 = 10


AC: 14
HP: 4/15 HD: 1/1d12+3
Rage: 2/2/LR



The pack of birds thins and now outnumbered they take wing trying to flee. Although one thinks it could maybe pick up Bilkar and drag him off, its claws grasp and scrap at the gnome trying to find a perch. But it finds none and flies off with the rest.

OOC: Combat (could be) Over. Ryder and Bilkar each have an AoO vs #8

Mr. Bubbles
AC: 14, HP 01/10, HD 1/1, SPELLS: 1/1, RE 1/1, goggles on
AC: 16, HP 06/10, HD: 1/1,
AC: 15. HP: 02/10, HD 1/1
AC: 14 HP: 04/15, HD 1/1, Rages 2/2, goggles on
AC:15, HP: 09/15, HD 2/2, SPELLS: 2/0/0, Spirit Totem: 0/1, goggles on

Blood Hawks: Hot Dice!
AC: 12
1) 0/7 - dead
2) 0/7 - dead
3) 0/7 - dead
4) 0/7 - dead
5) 2/7 - Dodge
6) 0/7 - dead
7) 2/7 - Disengage
8) 2/7 - Bilkar [roll0], dmg [roll1]
9) 7/7 - Disengage
10) 0/7 - dead[/sblock]

"We should find somewhere safe to recuperate from this fight," Lee suggests. "Do we go back or go forward?"

OOC: How far have we gone? How far do we think there is to still go?


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Mister Bubbles agrees with Lee wholeheartedly, but he only manages a brisk nod. The half-orc knows that as soon as the rush of battle subsides, he will feel his injuries more acutely, and he needs some rest or healing.


OOC: With the mist it is hard to tell. You are walking in a fog that only gives you about 300 feet or so of vision. But thinking on it, going back and then having to come by this spot again may agitate the birds once more.


Bilkar Gnome Druid

OOC: Not actually within the rules I don't believe but if you will allow me a little leeway. If not, next round target the prestidigitation at the one that retreated to the nest.

As the Bloodhawk reaches for Bilkars clothing he mutters a few Gnomish words and intricately moves the fingers of one hand while trying to swat the creature away with his staff. He brings his empty hand up to the bird, as his hand strikes the bird a foul smelling green mist starts seeping into the birds feathers and the smell of skunk fills the air.
As the Bird flies away Bilkar imagines it coughing and hacking the way he did when he was first sprayed.

"Bilkar NOT food."


Bilkar Gnome Druid

Seemingly satisfied that the birds are no longer a threat Bilkar looks around at the group.

"All alive? Pack go now."

OOC: Mr Bubbles sure does need healing. Would you like it now or later? I have 2 slots left before a long rest.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Mister Bubbles groans in response to Bilkar. Alive, yes, but not by much.

OOC: If we are on safer grounds, that's soon enough for Mister Bubbles. He's not one to complain about pain, but yes, he needs some healing.

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