D&D 5E One Shot #3: Lady of the Mist

"Ivar, I regret that I could not hit two birds with one arrow," Lee says. "Does that make you feel better?"

OOC: A teasing tone to counter the gruff tone
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the magical equivalent to the number zero
Mister Bubbles mutters to himself. "Yeah, let's kill the birds with witty banter. That'll teach 'em."

OOC: As a player, however, I love the banter. :)


The hawk hit by the arrow flutters and flaps its wings hard as it plummets towards the ground. Cathcing itself it heads back up towards the walkway. The others take a more direct route and surround the group in a matter of moments.


The blood hawks don't banter and attack in a fury, clawing and pecking at the face and eyes of the group. Everyone, but Bilkar (whose small size saves him from most of the birds) is scratched and pecked at from what seems like a hundred different directions. Ryder gets the worst of it and the gnome feels a tug on his rope as the rogue falls to the walkway, two huge hawks clawing and biting as he falls.

Mr. Bubbles
AC: 14, HP 01/10, HD 1/1, SPELLS: 1/1, RE 1/1, goggles on
AC: 16, HP 06/10, HD: 1/1
AC: 15. HP: 00/10, HD 1/1
AC: 14 HP: 09/15, HD 1/1, Rages 2/2, goggles on
AC:15, HP: 15/15, HD 2/2, SPELLS: 3/0/0, Spirit Totem: 0/1, goggles on

Blood Hawks:
AC: 12
1) 7/7 - Lee w/advan hit, 4dmg
2) 7/7 - Ivar crit, 3+ [roll0]
3) 3/7 - Dashed
4) 6/7 - Mr.B hit, 6dmg
5) 2/7 - Ivar - missed
6) 7/7 - Mr.B hit, 3dmg
7) 7/7 - Bilkar missed
8) 7/7 - Bilkar missed
9) 7/7 - Ryder w/advan hit, 6dmg
10) 7/7 - Ryder w/advan hit, 5dmg

Artwork by David O. Miller[/sblock]

OOC: Group is up. Hopefully the hot dice are done for the combat.
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the magical equivalent to the number zero
Mister Bubbles is bleeding from several cuts, and his vision starts to blur. A red glow erupts from the crystal amulet around his neck, and suddenly one of the birds that hurt him is engulfed in flames.

Not sure what to do, the half-orc instinctually grabs the robe with one hand and swings his cane around at the numerous avians around him.

OOC: Ouch! Down to 1 hit point... Can I use my reaction to cast Hellish Rebuke on the first attacking bird? It must make a Dex save of 12. Upon failure, it takes [roll0] fire damage; upon succeeding, half that.

Then on my turn I try to hit that bird, or the other that did damage if the first one is dead, with the cane/club: [roll1] for [roll2] bludgeoning damage.

Leaving the bow in her left hand, Lee strikes the nearest bird with her fist and pummels it again with her elbow. She remembers her training and does not ignore the other targets and the bird plummets of the cliff.

OOC: Attack 1 [roll0] damage [roll1] vs bird #1
Attack 2 [roll2] damage [roll3] vs bird #1
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OOC: Ivar and Ryder are up.
Ryder is prone (1/2 movement to stand), and putting on goggles is an action for you.
Hellish rebuke is good and even if it saves (for 2 dmg) you kill it with the cane swing.
Bird #4 is dead
Bird #1 is dead

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