D&D 5E One Shot #3: Lady of the Mist


Round 0

Ivar stood back, examining the crumbling walkway and the stone cliff. As a dwarf, he knew about stone and stonework. This obviously was no dwarven construction.

“Let’s tie up,” Ivar said, grabbing the rope from off his pack. “Ever’ ten feet ‘r sae. Sae if anyone falls, the rest can catch ‘em.”

Ivar secured his war pick at his belt where he could easily pull it out. He did the same with his dagger and hand axes. Then he led the way up the crumbling walkway, trying to be careful where he put his step.

Perception: 2D20.HIGH(1)+3 = [10, 9]+3 = 13

Bonus Action:

AC: 14
HP: 15/15 HD: 1/1d12+3
Rage: 2/2/LR


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the magical equivalent to the number zero
Mister Bubbles looks up every now and then, not sure what Bilkar is looking at but it seems to be right above the half-orc. When they reach the rickety walkway, Mister Bubbles ties up like Ivar suggests, then places his goggles on his nose.

"Bad spot to be attacked and caught by surprise," he explains to - well, he's not sure, because these things make it hard to see anything. He's glad he decided to tie himself to the others before donning the shades.

OOC: No advantage due to the goggles. Perception: [roll0]

Marching order sounds good. Mister Bubbles carries his cane (club), everything else is in his backpack.


Bilkar Gnome Druid

Bilkar ties off as instructed.

A look of horror crosses his face as he sees Mister Bubbles put the glasses on. His mind racing with images of red feathered birds ripping his eyes out. He hastily reaches up and brings his own glasses down to cover his eyes.

Anticipating needing to hold on for his life Bilkar straps the one thing he would normally be carrying (his staff) to his pack.

OOC: The gaps between these steps. Are they close enough that Bilkars short legs can reach from one to another?

Anyone have anything to anchor to either side to secure the rope?


OOC: The walkway is 10' wide, and the gaps are to big sometimes for humans and elves. At those moments you can brace an arm on the cliff, and walk along the support beam that follows the direction you are going.


OOC: The rope is mostly to avoid anyone plummeting to their death. This way Ivar and others have Advantage on Strength checks to stop a fall or haul someone up. I don't think there's a way to actually secure the rope, unless anyone has pitons or a climbing kit.


Bilkar Gnome Druid

"Bilkar not like. Go now. Be done with." Bilkar says as he seems to gaze off at the way ahead for a moment.

He frowns as he looks at the others and the rope. "Pack save if Bilkar fall. Bilkar not much help if packmate falls."

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