D&D 5E One Shot #3: Lady of the Mist

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OOC: Only two people who have rope are Ivar and Bilkar. It should be enough to tie everyone together and give you 10' of slack between each other.

After making sure no one will fall unnecessarily to their deaths, the group follows the old wooden walkway. It follows the contours of the cliff and winds lazily upward towards the mist shrouded clifftops. As you move along everyone notices large birds nests dotting the cliff-face (Mr. Bubbles has to have them pointed out to him), with so many it is impossible to sneak by them all, and suddenly the air is filled with squawks, shrieks, and the rustling of feathers as the blood hawks take wing.

Mr. Bubbles
AC: 14, HP 10/10, HD 1/1, SPELLS: 1/1, RE 1/1, goggles on
AC: 16, HP 10/10, HD: 1/1
AC: 15. HP: 10/10, HD 1/1
AC: 14 HP: 15/15, HD 1/1, Rages 2/2
AC:15, HP: 15/15, HD 2/2, SPELLS: 3/0/0, Spirit Totem: 0/1, goggles on

Blood Hawks:
AC: 12
1) 7/7
2) 7/7
3) 7/7
4) 7/7
5) 7/7
6) 7/7
7) 7/7
8) 7/7
9) 7/7
10) 7/7

OOC: Group is up.
Ivar in lead- must stay within 10' of Lee
Lee must stay within 10' of Ivar and Mr. Bubbles
Mr. Bubbles must stay within 10' of Lee and Bilkar
Bilkar must stay within 10' of Mr. Bubbles and Ryder
Ryder must stay within 10' of Mr. Bilkar
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OOC: I did put on the goggles as well in post #133. I don't remember the mechanics of them though.
I'm guessing it's that time?
Initiative: [roll0]

Are they out of their nests and into the air yet?


OOC: Right forgot to mark your goggles on. It takes a bonus action to put them on if they are sitting around your neck or on your forehead.

Birds are out of nests and can only be attacked with distance attacks this turn.
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Bilkar Gnome Druid

Bilkar squeaks, startled by the birds before clasping his hands together like he just caught a bug, whispering into his palms and opening his hands like a blossoming flower revealing a small ball of flame.

He leans back, winds up and throws it towards one of the birds. The board he is on shifts as he releases and the ball of flame ends up going over head harmlessly away from the birds and the cliff.

"Oh NO, No. No." Bilkar turns to watch the ball start falling towards the trees below, before violently bringing is palm to his forehead and the ball of fire disappears.

Lee draws and fires her (newly acquired) bow at the nearest bird, a glancing blow. Then she pulls her goggles down from her forehead to her eyes. She takes a step closer to the cliff to avoid being knocked backward off the trail.

OOC: Attack [roll0] against #3
Damage [roll1]
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the magical equivalent to the number zero
Mister Bubbles mutters ”Told you” as he raises his cane, pointing it towards the nearest bird. The goggles made it hard to see if he is aiming true.

Then a dark red line of magic, emanating a feeling of evil dread, rushes from the tip of the cane towards one of the birds. It hits the creature, but seems to do little harm.

OOC: Casting Eldritch Blast at #4: [roll0] for [roll1] force damage.
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Isle of Mists
Round 0

Initiative: 1D20+1 = [20]+1 = 21

“Thanks f’r pointin’ tha’ oot, Captain Obvious,” Ivar snapped at Lee. “Instead o’ talkin’, practice more wi’ tha’ bow!”

Ivar cursed. He only had a dagger and handaxes. He wasn’t about to throw them out over the yawning drop to the trees below to hit a few birds. He would leave them to the ranged experts.

Ivar pulled his goggles down to protect his eyes. He shifted a bit down the walkway so he could protect Lee and Bubbles and readied his warpick.

OOC: No offense to Lee. Ivar is gruff ;)

Move: F1
Action: Ready acction to attack when a hawk comes in range.
Bonus Action: Pull on goggles.
Reaction: Ready action attack
War pick: 1D20+5 = [12]+5 = 17
1D8+3 = [2]+3 = 5


AC: 14
HP: 15/15 HD: 1/1d12+3
Rage: 2/2/LR


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