D&D 5E One Shot #3: Lady of the Mist


Ryder’s eyes pop open. Then thy narrow.

He spins up from the ground, swirling dust behind him as his Rapier swipes from its sheath and at the nearest bird.

[roll1] + [roll2]

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Isle of Mists
Round 0

OOC: Did Ivar’s Readied Action attack get taken into account last round? He should have done 5 damage to the first hawk in range.

Ivar growled as a good chunk of flesh was taken from his arm. He swung his war pick down hard at one of the hawks.

Action: Attack a hawk, favoring 6, 5, 4, then 2, depending on what is still up.
War pick: 1D20+5 = [7]+5 = 12
1D8+3 = [5]+3 = 8

Bonus Action:.
Reaction: Opportunity Attack
War pick: 1D20+5 = [13]+5 = 18
1D8+3 = [1]+3 = 4


AC: 14
HP: 9/15 HD: 1/1d12+3
Rage: 2/2/LR



OOC: Missed it totally, I should have checked the spoiler.

One of the hawks adrenaline empties out and it realizes it is wounded badly. It disengages from the group and flies back to the safety of the nests. As the group (umm... regroups) tends to most of the bloodhawks, others continue to peck and claw relentlessly. Ivar takes a deep gouge and Mr. Bubbles is on his last leg after fighting back at the raging bird before him.

Mr. Bubbles
AC: 14, HP 01/10, HD 1/1, SPELLS: 1/1, RE 1/1, goggles on
AC: 16, HP 06/10, HD: 1/1,
AC: 15. HP: 02/10, HD 1/1
AC: 14 HP: 04/15, HD 1/1, Rages 2/2, goggles on
AC:15, HP: 09/15, HD 2/2, SPELLS: 2/0/0, Spirit Totem: 0/1, goggles on

Blood Hawks: Hot Dice!
AC: 12
1) 0/7 - dead
2) 7/7 - Ivar crit again?! [roll0] = +4
3) 3/7 - Lee miss
4) 0/7 - dead
5) 2/7 - Disengage
6) 0/7 - dead
7) 7/7 - Mr.B hit for 3, Relentless Endurance?
8) 2/7 - Bilkar hit for 6
9) 7/7 - Ryder w/advan; hit, hmmm coin toss 1-2 = 4 dmg, 3-4 = 3 dmg [roll1]
10) 0/7 - dead[/sblock]


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Mister Bubbles takes another hit from a bird, and his vision darkens. Quiet rest beckons, and the half-orc closes his eyes.

A brief vision of a demon, grinning evilly and surrounded by flames, scares him out of his stupor. With a primal roar, Mister Bubbles opens his eyes and with both hands swings his cane at the bird that hit him, his anger and fear exploding in the attack.

OOC: Relentless Endurance please! Back to 1 hp.

Attack: [roll0] for [roll1] damage.

Lee has no time to relish her first kill. She strikes the next bird with her quarterstaff and strikes the returning bird with her fist. With a pair of barely satifying plops, the two birds drop to the bridge dead. In the clear, finally, she looks around to see the rest of her companions looking in rough shape. "Keep it together!" she says, trying to encourage them.

OOC: Attack on #2 [roll0] Damage [roll1]
Bonus action Attack on #3 [roll2] Damage [roll3]
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