ZEITGEIST One shot ideas?


Sometimes not all of my player's can make my sessions. I'm looking for some ideas for a one session game that I can interweave between my regular Zeitgeist sessions. I was thinking: (1) A Stover Delft origin story, where players play as Delft's old team back when he was a constable, or (2) players play as the other constables known to the PCs. Does anyone have any ideas along these lines?

If it's relevant, we play Pathfinder 1E.

Thanks in advance <3
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Maybe elsewhere in the setting?

Danoran guards of the Sovereign, who's immediate superior tasks them to raid a lair of Risuri spies who have magic items. But their superior is actually trying to steal the magic for himself.

Drakran young adults on a school trip to a philosophy competition in a beautiful old castle in Knutpara (a city that shows up in adventure eleven). They're supposed to debate the merits of long term government investment in the rural areas in the face of expected doomsday. Then some thieves rob a vault in the castle and take the event hostage while the kids are away doing hijinks. So it's Die Hard with dwarves.

Stuff like that.
Monster hunting in the Malice lands, possibly as the Monster hunter Ob member from book 7

Sailing around with Bruce McDruid visiting fascinating new islands

ROCK RACKHUS and his latest disasterous adventure , the pc's are the ones picking up the pieces

The crime war between the Family and Kell

Eladrin fighting Crissylian land theives, OR brave crissylian colonists fighting of barbaric Eladrin terrorists

A heist set in the Casino town from the railroad in book 4

Killing a dragon tyrant or persuading it to surrender back in the good old days

or Pick a theme which is coming up in the main plot and let the players get to know about that part of the world in a side quest.

The only sidequest I have run was trouble with Eladrin in the Risuri colony and the PC's investigating to discover evil Eladrin undead woken by careless archeologists (possibly Ob)