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Our feedback on your "Post-1.0a OG- initiative" - or are you just trying to keep us from canceling our account? An open letter to WotC.


I'm referring to your recent post announcing that we will all soon be allowed to participate in post-OGL1.0a development via DnDBeyond. All of us? No, not all of us. I'm assuming that I'll have to be registered with DnDBeyond to do so. It is likely that this initiative will be a not unsuccessful tactic to stem the tide of account deletions on your end.

This thread was opened in case you are also interested in feedback from those who will not be returning to DnDBeyond, from those for whom your RPG has been an important part of life and who hope you will want to remain an important part of our roleplaying movement.

With kind regards
Those who are far from ready to rejoin DnDBeyond

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Coming soon:

"We've gathered your feedback and while there is some disagreement, the vast majority support our goals of making DnD a more inclusive product."

"Our partners know these improvements will help make the DnD community stronger."

"Thank you for your invaluable feedback, it helped improve these changes."

"We are so proud of our community's interest in making DnD better."

"Many agreed with us all along..."

Wait -- how many times have I seen this disappointing chain of events before?

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