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5E Out of the Abyss - No Drizzt afterall?


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I can only hope it goes the way BG2 does if you make an elf named Drizzt and finally meet him and the companions in the game. It gets really funny if you import Drizzt from BG1 and have his gear. He's really, really mad about the character killing him and taking his stuff.

You know, I am almost tempted to write a munchkin scenario with a pdf editor of the Mary Sue prison demiplane of the Bad Character Concept. It is basically a demiplane within Ravenloft with the associated madness checks. You start out in an abandoned Temple of the Actualized Player Self Fantasy with miles of statue shrines to every novel badarse in existence till you find your way out to a vampiric Kender village. Making your way through the village would be the Fiendish Panther Companion pits on the way to the Tomb of the Drizzt with 20th level Drizzt clones that awaken upon entering. From there, you get the key off the plane only to have to fight the Avatar of the DM's girlfriend with magic beer and pizza to activate the portal out.

But, then I thought that would be too much work :D

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