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"Out of the Frying Pan" - Book II: Catching the Spark (Part One)


Nemmerle, that was the mark of a truely Rat Bastard DM, showing the witch a whole museum of tokens that she will never touch. It was great, it was EVIL...

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Oh, yeah, that was nasty. Poor Jana. :D

Had two sessions to catch up on this time. I hated to see Jeremy die. Kudos to your players for rping their characters reactions so well. Some players just shrug it off. Much better than just heading off for a res spell in game or handing a new character sheet to newly deprived player in real life. I really felt their pain.


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madriel said:
Oh, yeah, that was nasty. Poor Jana. :D

Had two sessions to catch up on this time. I hated to see Jeremy die. Kudos to your players for rping their characters reactions so well. Some players just shrug it off. Much better than just heading off for a res spell in game or handing a new character sheet to newly deprived player in real life. I really felt their pain.
It's even worse than you think! But you won't understand until later. Much, much later...

- Eric


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Session #23

Isilem, 2nd of Dek – 564 H.E.

“We hope your sleep and breakfast was to your satisfaction.” Asked Ethiel the next morning. The party awoke refreshed by the soft mats of the elven guests’ cells, and the morning meal had been slices of small green apples in steaming oatmeal, with flower petals of some kind.

“It was as pleasant as could be expected,” Kazrack replied, not liking the light fair, but being sincerely appreciative of the efforts.

Jana, Kazrack, Martin, and Ratchis stood before a large circular white table. In its center was perfect sphere of glass nearly a foot in diameter. Across from them sat three elves, Ethiel was in the center. He had golden hair like Tirhas, and soft hazel eyes. He was very pale. On his left was Finarfin, taller and broader, with auburn hair in many long braids and eyes like mahogany. On his right was Findulias, very slight, with grey eyes and skin akin to the color of warm caramel. Tirhas Tesfay sat at the right end of the table.

The chamber was underground. It had an arched ceiling, and a long table was covered in several sheets on one side. The entire room has tall wrought iron candelabras designed to look like climbing ivy. The party had been led here after they were done eating, following a secret passage behind the stairs they had had no idea was there.

“We want to thank you again for you unsought after help,” said Ethiel, in the nearly emotionless tone all the elves seem to have even when not ensorcelled, but he ended his statement with a broad smile that brightened not only the room, but the hearts of the battle-weary companions. “Richard the Red’s actions were very grave, and will have desire consequences no matter what happens now, but we must still seek out ways of minimizing these negative consequences.”

Ethiel paused. The elves on his left and right nodded their heads in solemn agreement.

“However,” Ethiel continued. “There will be time enough for that, for as my people say e hrivel nare-malta urime sara laire tercano-lasselanta e hrivel-oto, that is ‘even from winter comes spring where tools are forged to harvest the summer wheat before autumn comes to herald winter once more’. Now, it is time for us to show you our gratitude with gifts, as you have shown yourselves sons and daughters of Osiris and Isis (66), son of Natan-Ahb (67), and even the abandoned son of Ashronk’s foul breed(68), have proven themselves friends of the elves, and on this we turn that goodwill.”

Ethiel stood.

“Each one of you shall be called aside and given your gift. You will be told about it and you may ask questions about it, and it is up to you if you choose to share the nature of this gift with your companions. Jana, you are first.”

Finarfin stood and motioned for Jana to join him over at the long table, and he uncovered a folded up deep blue shawl. “This is the Mantle of Presence,” he said in his voice like the cry of a distant eagle above canyon. “It is to be your gift.”

This is what Jana was able to glean from the conversation.

The Mantle of Presence (69)

This midnight blue shawl of fine wool is of excellent quality, the inner lining having a handsome golden outline.

The precise origins of this item are unknown, though it is known that cloaks and mantle like it were first enchanted in the Spice & Thread Islands during the era of Agon’s Realm in the Third Age.

This item of great magic strengths the presence of a person, making them more persuasive, more intimidating or more likeable. However, the wearer also becomes more self-involved and unobservant.


Next, Ratchis was called over, as Jana took her place among her companions once again. Finarfin, uncovered a pair of white fur-lined boots. The elf called them “The Boots of Uller. This is what Ratchis learned of them.

Uller’s Boots

These boots of polar bear fur and leather nearly reach the knee. They came to Derome-Delem from the Northern Reaches on the feet of Tuure – a hero and explorer from that frozen land who came here during the latter part of the Third Age. Killed by storm giants in a tragic misunderstanding, the boots were later presented to a traveler who brought them to Aze Nuquerna for safe keeping.

These boots would make him tread lighter than a rabbit upon the snow and ice and protect him from the cold. (70)


Ratchis smiled happily as he took the boots from the elf, and returned to his friends. Kazrack was next. Finarfin revealed a stone stein marked with large dwarven runes. Kazrack had heard legends of such a thing before. It was a Dwarven Rune Stein.

This is what he learned of it:

Dwarven Rune Stein

Otto Herir was a famous dwarven general who at the end of the Troll Wars, refused to stop his quest to eradicate the trollish race from the face of Aquerra and beneath. In pursuit of this he founded the Petrified Tree – the infamous troll-slaying organization. The name of the rune-thrower who enchanted this stein for him is known only to Lehrathonar now – but the general passed it on as a gift many times until is disappeared from the annals of history.

This squat heavy mug is made from a cobalt blue metal and carved with seven runes around the outside. The way the runes are spaced it looks like two runes are missing, but there is no sign of them being rubbed off – it simply looks as if they were never engraved onto the cup.

If the rune is intoned while a liquid is poured into the cup, drinking the entire liquid provides the benefit provided by the rune and then the rune disappears. The liquid remains magical for one minute. (71)


Lastly, Martin the Green was called over, and for him, Finarfin opened small box holding a gold ring with a finely cut rectangular stone of green. The ring was called Lacan’s Demise.

Lacan’s Demise

Found in the treasure hoard of Gomash the Troll Chieftain (father of the notorious Great Troll Frojack) by the half-elven troll-slaying hero, Arofel. It is known that the ring is one of several was originally forged by Wayfarers of Ptah for Monks of Anubis, who refused the gift. It is known that one of the rings came into the possession of Lacan Preppard, one of the former despots of Thricia, who killed himself after having gone mad from wearing it too long. It is rumored that the ring is also the reason that he died without an heir, leading to his younger brother, Ian becoming the Margrave. It is from this event that these rings get their name. How one of the rings came into the possession of the troll chieftain is unknown, but [insert name] used it on and off for decades. It was brought into the safe-keeping of the elves of Aze-Nuquerna, along with the Right Blade of Arofel.

The ring immediate increases the wearer’s endurance and after a week of being worn removes all need to eat or drink, and any more sleep than 2 hours a night. (72)


The companions all stood together again, looking at their gifts, wishing Jeremy and Beorth were with them to enjoy the fruits of their efforts.

Again, Ethiel stood. “We have one more gift for you as a group. It is The Urn of Osiris

The Urn of Osiris

This clay urn is covered with depictions of Isis collecting the pieces of Osiris and slowly putting him back together. It has a handle on either side.

These urns can only be created by the great druids of Osiris, and their use is carefully guarded by that order. There are only a handful in the world, and usually they are only granted as a gift for accomplishing some great quest for the Druidhood of Osiris or some related following.

The urn functions to return the dead to life. The blood of the deceased must be poured into the urn and four people who know the person to be raised must touch the urn and recite the prayer to Osiris inscribed on the bottom of the urn. “That which has been broken shall be remade, that which has begun the final journey shall turn back, in return for this I will fulfill what need Osiris has of me..” The corpse need not present to be raised – but this might be most convenient depending on where the body is presently located.

The four people to raise the person are bound to fulfill their promise to Osiris (which is an unspecified debt which is not made clear until after the inscription is intoned). The amount of time the person has been dead does not matter except that the blood must still be in liquid form, and it does not work to raise those of elven blood.


Jana, Ratchis, Martin and Kazrack felt a wave of disbelief wash over them. They could bring life back to the dead! They could return Jeremy to the living!

“And if you should chose to use this upon your recently fallen companion, we have a gift for him as well,” said Ethiel. “However, while you might be eager to use this, just remember that brining the dead back to life is a serious affair. And if you do it, I would advise doing it outseide, this would please Osiris.”

Kazrack’s shoulders sagged. “As much as I would like to help bring Jeremy back, I do not think I can make a promise to a human god. What if what he asks of me goes against the ways of my own gods?”

“Kazrack, Osiris is a good god. He is the god of nature, and makes sure the season cycle turns. He provides us with fruits and vegetables and animals for the slaughter. He would not require anything of you that you are bound not to do,” Martin the Green said.

“Osiris is the father of Nephthys,” Ratchis said. “I have no fear that the task will go against my beliefs and nor should you, Kazrack.”

“Can we discuss this later?” Jana interupted. “I do not think Ethiel and his brethren care to hear our private discussion, and I do believe the matter of Richard the Red and Rahasia still stand before us.”

“Yes, but she is no longer Rahasia, she is Karellena a drow witch of the Second Age, who can call fiends to work for her. We have been scrying to find out more about her or Richard the Red, but it has been difficult. We shall tell you what we can,” Ethiel said, and the council really started.



(66) Isis and Osiris are said to have been most involved in the creation of mankind, enlisting the aid of Ra, Tefnut, Shu and Geb.

(67) Natan-Ahb is the father of the dwarven race, leader of the dwarven gods.

(68) Ashronk is the god of the orcs.

(69) When worn the wearer gains a +2 enhancement bonus on all Charisma-based skill checks and a +1 on all DCs for all witch or bard spells cast. However, they also become more self-involved, suffering a –4 penalty to all spot, listen and search checks.

(70) These boots allow the wearer to move at his normal movement rate atop snow without leaving any tracks, and to gain a +10 competence bonus to balance checks when traveling across ice at half speed. In addition, the character is considered to be under the effects of an endure elements (cold) spell while the boots are on.

(71) The runes represent the following words:

Sonn (Endurance) - 1d4+1 points of Con for 8 hours

Thord (Fortitude) - +1 morale bonus to attack rolls and fear saves, + 1d8 temporary hit points for 8 minutes.

Alagh (Heroism) - +2 competence bonus to attack rolls, saves and skill checks for 1 hour.

Findar (Luck) - +1 luck bonus to all saves for 1 hour, plus during that hour may reroll any one roll, but must take the second result even if worse.

Ur-Tindel (Sturdiness) - +10 competence bonus to all balance checks, Reflex checks against knockdown and to all Strength checks to resist bull rush attacks.

Barak (Mettle) - +4 natural armor bonus to AC for one hour.

Samryn (Truth) - Zone of Truth centered on drinker for 8 minutes.

If a potion is poured into the stein this way, there is a level check against caster + spell level – the losing spell is made inert and either way the rune disappears. All durations are halved for non-dwarves. Once all the runes have faded the stein must be given as a selfless gift to another for them to reappear.

(72) This ring’s immediate benefit is a +4 enhancement bonus to a wearer’s Constitution score. Once worn for one full week the ring continually removes the need and desire for any nourishment. The wearer need not drink or eat, ever and only requires 2 hours of sleep each night (it being equal to 8 full hours). If removed any hit points gained are lost and, it must be worn again for another week for the sustaining enchantment to come into effect again.
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In the next installment a campaign world secret unknown for the 12 years Aquerra has existed is revealed!

Lots and lots of speculation and information. . . .

And. . . the return of Jeremy?


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Special Thanks

Oh, I forgot I wanted to give a special thanks to the Rat Bastards over at the Rat Bastard's Club for their help not only with the whole plotting of the whole rogue Watch-Mage/Drow Witch Connection - but with drafting the magical items.


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Thank you, Joss Whedon :D

But honestly, even if it weren't the URN of Osiris - it would have been the something of Osiris - as I use the Egyptian Gods in Aquerra.


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nemmerle said:
In the next installment a campaign world secret unknown for the 12 years Aquerra has existed is revealed!

Lots and lots of speculation and information. . . .

And. . . the return of Jeremy?

Uh Oh! What Rat Bastardly thing is coming next? :D


Oh, Nemmerle, will be possible a resurrection in your Rat Bastardish Aquerra Campaign?

I'm waiting eagerly, because I'm sure it will be truely spectacular...

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